Dear Special Valued Customer – We Are Sending This Email to 10 Million Other Customers

How many times have you got an e-mail explaining how you are a “super valuable customer” and therefore, you get a superior discount – and lo and behold – here is a coupon to take into our store to buy more stuff so we can make more quarterly profits and shareholders equity? Isn’t it interesting that these e-mails start a popping up towards the end of every month. The question I have is; am I really a valued customer if the company also sent that same, exact marketing and promotional e-mail to over 10 million other customers? Okay so now you’re laughing, but let’s go ahead and talk about this for second shall we?

Perhaps, this is a lot like assuming that the light turns off your refrigerator when you close the door. You know the light turns off, because if you press the button that the door automatically triggers when it’s closed the light inside refrigerator goes off, so you assume you close the door that the light also goes off. However, you don’t know that for sure, you just understand the laws of physics, or at least the basic law of physics, and indeed assume the light turns off. You don’t know for sure that your “dear special valued customer,” e-mail actually went out to 10 million other people in the exact same format, but you assume it did.

However, because I have several things that I do online, and occasionally end up with different accounts at various vendors and stores from which I buy from, I often get the exact same e-mail from the exact same company, therefore I no longer assume that they are sending the same e-mail out to everyone. I know they are, because they sent the same an e-mail to me twice, and sometimes three times.

Still, the other day something very interesting happened, I noticed the e-mail was custom tailored to the business model, and the e-mails were not exactly the same. I thought to myself this is great the computers are getting better at sizing up their customer, and figuring out what they need, and sending them more of a customized e-mail. That’s a good thing, and it especially makes sense because it helps reduce spam, and only gives you the appropriate information you need or might want through targeted marketing.

Indeed, as computers get better – and as unfortunately to the chagrin of the Electronic Freedom Foundation – they take all of your data from all the social networks, and only send you exactly what you might be looking for, to the best of their ability, provided that you have put information on the Internet that is true and correct.

Personally, and probably like you, I am getting tired of certain types of spam such as male performance enhancement, or a special customized bras. Indeed, I don’t have the first problem, at least not yet, being a young man, and secondly being a male, I don’t need a bra, so obviously, some more work needs to be done, and maybe some of these targeted e-mails for marketing will actually help reduce the unending barrage and deluge of unwanted spam. Please consider all this and think on it.


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