Creating More Space

Creating more space in your home or workplace.

Have you ever thought about adding a sliding or folding door to one of your existing rooms? Adding an extra glass door can create the feeling of more space and also give you more natural light.

Folding doors, or bi-fold doors, sometimes called concertina doors, or multiple folding doors, create 80 to 90 percent clear opening. These openings can turn your outside space into another usable room for the house or business. They are a fantastic alternative to the more widely known French doors or the standard patio doors which only offer a 40% opening.

Folding Doors can create an endless set of opportunities for design and can add a new dimension to your home or even your workplace if you budget will stretch to that.

Some of the benefits of adding a folding door can be the following:

1) Transformation of two rooms into one, creating a new room with double the size.

2) Extensive access to the areas outside your home that you may not have fast access to already.

3) A way create alternative spaces for your home (that sofa could find a new place to live now you have twice the sized room you had before)

4) Increase your working space at your business – increase your profits by giving yourself and your staff greater space in the office or factory.

The main benefit is to be completely happy with your new doors and enjoy the many benefits they could bring through you work / leisure time. Imagine how proud you would be to show them off to all your business associates, family and friends.


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