Countertops – Granite, Marble, Corian – Counter Tops Now Come In Many Styles

It used to be there were only one or two options in countertops. Whether they were for kitchens, bathrooms or utility rooms, beyond color choices, there weren’t really any decisions to make in getting these creations added to a home or office. That’s just not the case any more.

Nowadays, those shopping for counter tops will find the materials found standard on the market are pretty amazing. In fact, it can be a little overwhelming to consider the selections. Here are some of the most common styles found today:

* Formica. The good old fashion Formica countertops are still widely available. Considered affordable and reliable, these come from a company that specializes in counter top and flooring designs. The pressed wood with plastic overlay designs aren’t, however, the only thing Formica is known for any longer. The company actually makes stone tops for counters, fabricated creations and more.

* Granite. Granite countertops are considered top of the line by many. Using the hard rock to form the tops themselves, craftsmen can shape the stone to fit almost any purpose. These tops will have seams and must be sealed, but they are generally quite beautiful in their look and reliable in their ability to hold up over time.

* Corian. These fabricated countertops carry a brand name and can cost a pretty penny. They are noted, however, for their beauty, durability and the warranty that backs them. Often mimicking granite in appearance, these counter tops might cost a little less in some cases, too.

* Concrete. It’s hard to believe that a concrete counter top could actually be beautiful, but when designed by a master creator that’s exactly what they are. Concrete counters are gaining in popularity for their looks, durability and uniqueness.

* Quartz. Considered one of the hardest stones known to man, quartz is fast becoming a favorite choice for counter tops. Its beauty tends to rival even granite and it is considered harder and more scratch resistant, too. The pricing on quartz tends to be high, but those who opt for it do so for its looks and reliability.

Where there only used to be one or two types of choices out there as far as tops for counters are concerned, the choices today are pretty amazing. From natural stone to manmade creations meant to withstand abuse while looking fantastic, those looking for counter tops will now find there are some amazing options.


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