Corian Counter Tops Come With Brand Name Comforts

It’s hard to decide what type of counter tops to include in a remodeling job or even a new kitchen design. From the cabinets and floors to the counter tops, there are some big decisions to make. When quality backed by a major name are desired, Corian counter tops could be the right solution.

Corian counter tops are popular for their looks, solid pour design and the fact they are made by DuPont. This company is known for its quality products and warranties and its mission to make only the best.

Some of the reasons Corian counter tops are favored by many include:

* Choices: The reality is Corian counter tops come in more than 130 different choices. This makes it very possible for almost anyone to find a color and style they are in love with. These counter tops are ideal for fitting almost any design consideration.

* Appearance: Corian counter tops can take on a number of different looks. From granite type to solid color designs, the beauty of Corian is hard to beat.

* Single pour: Since Corian counter tops are made using synthetic materials, they can be made in solid sheets. This means customers won’t see seams, because they won’t be there. The giant slab look is one that can be more than eye appealing.

* Durability: Although some special care will need to come into play if Corian counter tops are chosen, the reality is these can be very solid as far as choices are concerned. Cleaning is a snap.

The downfalls of Corian counter tops do exist, but the truth is they are no worse than any other counter top design. Since these are also works of art and they are made from synthetic materials, these two things can cause problems for Corian:

* Heat: Corian counter tops can be burned and scorched. With this in mind, it’s very important to use trivets or pads to protect when cooking. It’s never a good idea to put a hot pot directly on these counter tops.

* Cutting: Corian counter tops can be damaged by cutting or scratching. To protect them, it’s wise not to cut directly on the surface and it’s also a good idea to avoid scraping heavy items across them.

Backed by the DuPont name, Corian counter tops are the choice of many for their looks, durability and quality. These counter tops are not immune from damage, however, so they must be protected like every other counter out there. They are, however, very resistant to problems, which makes them a solid choice.


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