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Pippalad is one of the many incarnations of Lord Shiva and he was considered to be the son of Maharishi Dadhichi. The meaning of ‘Pippalad’ is to survive by eating peepal leaves. According to mythology, Pippalad is considered to be a very senior saint. His mother’s name was ‘Ghabhashtini’. At the same time, it is believed that in the place where the father of Diphkali’s father Dashi was killed, Kamdhenu had left his milk stream and after that, the same place was considered as ‘Dudhhedeshwar’. At the same time, son Pippalad started doing penance at that place. That place is also known as ‘Pipalad Tirtha’ in today’s times.

Birth Story of Pippalad

In the meantime, if we talk about the birth of Pippalad, when his father Dadhichi gave up his life to donate his bones and yo help them defeat the Asura tree, at that time his wife Swara was pregnant with Pipalad. But when after some time Pippalad was born Dadhichi had passed away. When Swara came to know about the death of her husband, she put the baby Pippalda under a peepal tree. Then she committed suicide to reunite with her dead husband. The baby Pippalada’s attention was taken care of by Dadhichi’s sister, Dudhmati. She raised himself from the leaves of Pipal and the nectar given by Chandra Deva (God of the Moon).

Indra revenge from God

When Pipalad grew up and found out the cause of the death of his parents, he made a terrible austerity of Lord Shiva and received a monster to kill all the Gods. All the Gods went to Shiva for protection. Shiva then convinced Pippalad that revenge can not be achieved by killing the god because it will never bring his dead parents back.
Beat Shani Dev
Pippalad also defeated Shani Dev in a war. After this, Lord Shani dev promised Pippalad to save his life from him that he would not disturb anyone who is under 12 years of age. However, when many Gods prayed to the Pipalad to forgive Shani, then he agreed and forgave him. Since then, people remember the Pippalad Muni, who help get rid of Sani.

Questioner (Prashannopanishad)

Pippalad who is considered to be the incarnation of Lord Shiva wrote a moving questionnaire (Prashannopanishad) which is one of the main ten Upanishads in the Hindu mythology. This Upanishad is written in the Sanskrit language. So hopefully, you have got good information about the Pippalad Avatar, which is considered to be the incarnation of Lord Shiva.


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