Cold Coffee Recipes

Some of my favorite recipes include the use of cold coffee! Coffee is used in a variety of not only sweet, but also savory foods. As I use cold coffee quite often I like to keep a pitcher of it in my fridge at all times. Today I will discuss a few of the different ways you can use cold coffee at home to liven up a drink or meal, and how to prepare it!

My favorite way to use cold coffee, is in an iced coffee drink. I like to brew extra strong pots of coffee and cool them down in the fridge. I keep the strong coffee on hand for when I feel like drinking an iced coffee, or for something for sweet and decadent a Vietnamese iced coffee or a Thai iced coffee. These are wonderful for a hot summer day and for offering to guests and family as a sweet treat.

Another way to make use of cold coffee is to brew it the old fashioned way. That is simply taking coffee grounds and soaking them in water overnight. Once the coffee has steeped, you simply take cheesecloth to strain the coffee from the grounds. You can then pour the strained coffee in pitcher and keep it in the fridge. The key to making this is to make it stronger than you usually would.

One of the my popular treats you can make is a java smoothie or Frappuccino. These drinks are all the rave at the local coffee shops, and are very simple to make at home. Instead of spending, $5 or $6 on a drink at the local Starbucks, you can make it at home for pennies! Having the cooled brew helps to keep the drink nice and sweet. After adding the cooled coffee, ice, and desired sweeteners, such as chocolate syrup, you simply blend until you have reached the desired level. This is a great treat to indulge in on a special occasion, date night, or even a Monday morning!

Another great reason why you would want to keep this on hand is if you enjoy baking. One of the best chocolate cake recipes I have ever tasted, a decadent chocolate cake, involves pouring in a cup of cooled coffee. The extra strong brew makes the perfect background for a gourmet and decadent chocolate cake. I think like to use some ground espresso in the icing to tie the coffee and chocolate flavors together.


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