Coffee Makers – Keurig Review

Last year while on vacation my husband and I stayed at an adorable bed and breakfast where we encountered a Keurig for the first time. I was intrigued and just had to use it. Once I used the Keurig for the first time there was no going back. I was hooked on the convenience of it, how quick the coffee brewed, and how delicious the coffee was when it was finished brewing!

When we returned I promptly hinted to my husband I would love to have a Keurig of my own. Luckily he listened, and on our following Anniversary he purchased me one. I got the basic Keurig model, in shiny cherry red, that retails for around $100. Our Anniversary was around six months ago and I have used it every day since! It has been so much more cost-effective, and easy to use as opposed to a traditional coffee maker.

As I am the only coffee drinker in this home, I used to brew a whole pot of coffee each day and would end up throwing out most of it. It was wasteful and also tedious to do everyday. First I would grind the coffee, then fill the pot with water, find a paper coffee filter in my overcrowded cupboards, and then finally get to brewing the pot of coffee. Then I would have to wait, and wait some more, for it to finish brewing. Some mornings if I was in a hurry I would stop at the local coffee shop instead, as it seemed like it would not take as long. That got to be quite expensive, and again, a waste of money!

Now that I own a Keurig, there is no waste. It is so simple to pop a K cup in, add some water, and press a button. It will brew the coffee super fast, and it tastes so delicious! I love the sheer variety of coffee that is available for brewing with a Keurig. I have tried so many new brands, brews and regions of coffee, I love it. Another great thing about owning a Keurig is you can brew other beverages as well. I like to make hot chocolate, chai tea and apple cider from time to time. It is great to have around for kids, company, and people visiting for the holidays.


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