Coffee K Cup Information

There is nothing better than a hot cup of coffee in the morning. The best combination to make one is the Keurig coffee brewing system and a coffee k cup. The USA company’s single brewing system is so unique that I didn’t want to use another coffee machine again. It is not that I didn’t have the chance – I just didn’t want to. You can easily adjust to using K cups, because they are a wonderful addition. I would definitely talk to my employer if my office didn’t have one of these systems already.

The term become popular after offices began installing the system en masse. Coffee is not the only type of k cups though. Some options are available such as tea and hot chocolate. One of the three variations is placed in a sealed plastic container. To make a coffee, tea or a hot chocolate, you just place it in the Keurig single brewing system and it punctuates the covering foil as well as the bottom, forcing hot water through the k cup. The mixture then goes to the mug below, filling it with hot beverage for your enjoyment within 20-60 seconds. Compared to other coffee making machines, the k cup using system is much more efficient.

A great advantage of k cups – they don’t leave the dirty trail behind. You don’t have to clean after the mess a regular coffee machine makes and you don’t have to think about frequent changing of filters. The coffee k cup contains everything in itself, even the filter. You only place the pack in the machine, press the button, remove it and throw it away. No one can notice that you made coffee, because everything is clean as glass.

The company behind these revolutionary packs of magic – Keurig – was founded in 1990 in Massachusetts. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters acquired Keurig in 2006. Statistics in 2010 show that 6% of all offices in the USA use Keurig coffee brewing machines. A large portion of these are using k cups, because of their ease of use.

You can buy coffee k cup products from the official Keurig store. Some packs come with 5 k cups inside and some contain more. Prices differ. If you want to be guaranteed quality, you should always buy from the official manufacturer.

I have bad experience purchasing large quantities of extremely cheap k cups. They didn’t even taste like real coffee. Now I only prefer to buy from the official store, because I trust it. If you are in need of a coffee k cup quickly, you can use local stores though.


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