Coffee In Your Stocking

In your adult years, when the time comes for you to play Santa yourself there is room to have a whole lot of fun with the job. Treating others with thoughtful little gifts is one of the best parts of the season, but make sure that when you play Santa you remember to treat yourself just as well! You may find that as your tastes mature, the classic candy and small toys are simply not that much of a thrill to you anymore. This year, as you pick up these special little gifts, think of yourself, and fill your stocking and those of your husband, wife, or any other adults in your family, with a delicious selection of gourmet coffee. It will be a real-grown up treat, and the perfect beverage to sip together on Christmas morning.

Make it a Theme

One bag of beans alone cannot stuff a stocking. To make it interesting, give a gourmet coffee as the main event, and then a number of smaller items to complement it. For example, you could also stick in a nice mug, for home or travel (or both!), some chocolate covered espresso beans, or some special sweeteners to add to the brew. You can get really creative with this. A tiny bottle of organic maple syrup makes a delicious sweetener, a small bundle of sugar sticks that can be used for stirring and sweetening, and a package of gourmet cookies would each work perfectly. If you run out of ideas that are directly related to the java, go for complementary flavors. A rich, decadent dark chocolate might be the perfect pairing, or some small tea cakes or biscotti.

Choose the Good Stuff

While coffee makes an excellent stocking stuffer if chosen carefully, regular old supermarket coffee, or even a chain coffee shop brand, might be a bit of a disappointment. This is the time of year for special indulgences, for yourself and for loved ones, so choose a coffee that is undeniably luxurious. Coffee labels can be a bit confusing with their marketing techniques, but there are a few rules you can follow to get the really good stuff. First, look for a bag of beans or grinds that are sourced from a single estate. This means that every last bean grew on the same farm, allowing for the development of a distinct and unique complexity of flavor. Also, make sure the coffee is fresh roasted by purchasing your coffee direct from the roaster whether it is on-line or a local roaster. Other than that, it is largely up to taste. One of the most widely enjoyed gourmet coffees out there right now is Jamaica Blue Mountain. Its popularity may be largely owed to a flavor that is distinctly smooth, as it lacks the harsh acidity of many other coffees.


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