Coffee for Health! Anyone?

Today, it comes in different flavors and paper cups with a twin-tailed mermaid on the logo –Coffee. Since the 15th century, coffee has been the most devoured drink in the world. It has been so, because of its stimulating and energizing factor, that explains why we drink it most when we feel like not sleeping or when we are getting sleepy., which is the benefit of coffee. Coffee is now everywhere, on food chains and even on the streets.

Who doesn’t want coffee or not tried coffee? Coffee, for some people is a must and others consider it as vital to their health. Coffee is healthy? Why not? The benefits of coffee are endless that you wouldn’t imagine it being such, because for other people it’s just a hot drink and yes, cold which completes our mornings or even evenings.

Here are some of the benefits of coffee which have been proven by several researches:

  • Low Cancer Risk:

One of the benefits of coffee is that it lowers risk of several types of cancers. Who would imagine that drinking coffee would prevent you from having lung, breast, colon, stomach or prostate cancer? Why is reducing the risk of cancer the benefit of coffee? It’s said that it is because of the antioxidants in coffee, which are Caffeine and Chlorogenic acid. According to a study, those who drank more cups of coffee per day, have a lower risk on cancer than those who are not coffee drinkers.

  • Low Heart Disease and Heart Attack Risk

Lowering the risk of heart disease and heart attack are also some of the benefits of coffee. Many studies have already been done on men and women alike, including a 15-year study, wherein it was proven that drinking 3 or more cups of coffee a day would lower the risk of heart diseases and heart attack.

  • Low Risk on Alzheimer’s Disease

The benefit of coffee mentally is also effective. In also one of the research it has been proven that coffee drinkers have a lower chance of having an Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Good reason to Lose Weight (Fats)

Also one of the benefits of coffee is boosting your metabolism which means you burn more calories. It has been found that coffee can help change the body from burning glucose to fat for energy. On one study, it has been found that drinking 500 ml green coffee for one month can lead you to lose 2.5 kilos.

  • Increase in Performance

The benefit of coffee on our physical aspect is also quite obvious, thus, most of us drink coffee. Drinking coffee has been found to increase the body’s power and functions. In some studies, when the athletes consumed coffee as per routine or work-out, then in every routine they were given different doses of caffeine intake. And it was also found that it improved the overall productivity of the athletes.

And the list may go on. While the benefits of coffee would be never-ending, drinking too much coffee is also considered dangerous to your health. Drinking coffee is very important to our body, till it’s not abused just like any other drink, as too much intake may lead to more complications on your health.


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