Coffee Enemas As Forms of Naturopathy

The word enema may be enough to frighten even the toughest of people, but when it comes to giving your body, a jumpstart on the track to good health, there are few other ways you can fare better. While the delivery method is by no means pretty, the effects can be extraordinary and sometimes life-changing.

Detoxing has been around for a long time, but one of the most powerful therapeutic drugs is actually one of which you probably haven’t thought. Did you know that coffee is widely used in enemas to help patients clear their colon and bowels? Coffee beans have many positive, natural antioxidants, which is why those who drink it typically stay more regular than those that do not. In this respect, it is a dietary aid and essential form of naturopathy. With that in mind, you will probably have a completely different perspective on the drink altogether.

That Cup of Joe Just Got Better
Next time you go to pour a cup of gourmet coffee, know that it can also work wonders going through the other end (though that may present an unpleasant visual). Coffee enemas have helped those suffering from a diverse range of health conditions, including constipation to chronic fatigue to liver afflictions and even cancer, believe it or not. A lot of doctors who work in the field of holistic medicine swear by its effectiveness in treating such illnesses, which is perhaps why more and more are advising their patients to have one done. Even if you don’t have any immediate health concerns, a coffee enema can help reduce your risk of becoming ill.

Why it Works
The main reason coffee works so well as an enema is that is helps the liver do its job better; that is to filter all the crap (no pun intended) that we eat and drink. Greasy cheeseburgers and alcohol are some of the most consumed substances in this country, and they are laden with all kinds of nasty toxins the liver has to process. Coffee is a natural stimulant, so when it comes into contact with this organ and the gallbladder, it (in effect) makes them work harder and more efficiently to discharge bile. You would be surprised at how much matter the average person has bound up in their colon; with a coffee enema, you are basically giving your body the tools it needs to perform its natural functions in a world that is dominated with saturated fat and cholesterol-laden foods.

Everyone should have at least one coffee enema in their lifetime. Chances are you will probably love how you feel afterwards. More than this, however, you will be contributing to your health in more ways than you can imagine.


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