Coffee Drinkers, Ready for a Surprise? The World’s Top Twenty Producers

World’s Top Twenty Coffee Producers

One of the world’s top five beverages, coffee is produced in seven of the world’s ten major regions. Some top coffee producing countries might surprise you though. Get ready for a surprise. From South America, North America, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Indian subcontinent and the South Pacific, these countries supply the world with coffea arabica and coffea canephora, the two most commercially cultivated species of coffee.

South American Coffee Producers

Brazil is the world’s top coffee producing country. Nearly a third of the world’s coffee is grown here in the land of Mardi Gras and Samba.

Colombia, well known for its rich, mild, mountain-grown coffee, is the world’s fourth largest producer.

Peru, land of the Incas, also produces coffee in abundance sufficient to rank it as number six worldwide.

Ecuador, located in the heart of the Andes mountain range, comes in at number eighteen on the world coffee production list.

Venezuela is much better known for its petroleum riches than its coffee production. Nonetheless, it slides into position number twenty to make our top twenty list.

African Coffee Producers

Ethiopia, what a surprise. Ranked high as a coffee producing country as well, it’s at a stunning number five. It follows number four ranked Colombia. Who could’ve guessed?

Uganda is another surprise country on the list of top coffee producing countries.

Ivory Coast is French speaking and known in part for its tarnished history in the slave export trade during the eighteenth century. It’s also ranked number fourteen worldwide in coffee production.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo at number nineteen on the world’s coffee production list is another surprising entry from Africa.

Southeast Asia Coffee producers

Vietnam, with its war-ravaged face of the 1960s now recovered, is the world’s second largest producer of coffee after Brazil.

Cambodia, the last of the Southeast Asian countries to make the top twenty coffee producers list, is at number seventeen.

South Pacific Countries Which Grow Coffee Crops

Indonesia follows at the number three spot. The island of Java located there is the root of coffee’s nickname, “Java”.

Papua New Guinea, of interest to linguists for its cornucopia of spoken languages, shows up at the number fifteen position worldwide for coffee production.

One North American Coffee Grower

There is one North American entry onto the list of world coffee producers too. It’s Mexico. Yup, the cradle of Mariachis, chili pepper spiced food and Tequila is ranked at number nine worldwide.

Countries in Central America Which Produce Coffee

Central America is a top coffee-growing region of the world. From the Mexican border to Costa Rica, no less than five countries made our list for their copious production of rich, brown “Java“.

Honduras, often hot, humid and with many faces, is also a top coffee-growing country in Central America. It’s positioned at respectable number eight.

Guatemala is two positions down from number eight Honduras, at number ten. It is located between Mexico (number nine) and Honduras (number eight).

Nicaragua, is another country in the Central American chain of coffee-growers in this region. Its number twelve ranking keeps it firmly on the list.

Costa Rica at number thirteen, is one of the world’s most biologically diverse countries. It’s no surprise it made our list of top producers.

El Salvador doesn’t get mentioned much. It’s a small country on the Pacific coast of Central America which made it to number sixteen on the coffee-producer’s list.

The Indian Subcontinent

Surprisingly, although world-renown for its production of some of the world’s finest tea, India is also a voluminous grower of coffee as well. The subcontinent pops in at a very respectable number seven in world production of coffee.

Coffee and Coffee Varieties From Around the World

So whenever you hoist a cup of fresh, aromatic coffee to your lips, remember that rich blend of roasted beans could have come from any of many regions of the world. From Africa to the Americas and Asia, you can enjoy that perfect cup of “Java“, “Joe” or whatever you call it from where it was grown to where you are.


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