Coffee As a Unique Yet Appropriate Valentine’s Day Gift

Flowers, chocolates and jewelry remain popular traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, but they have just been done to death through the years. Perhaps it is time to be more creative on this romantic holiday by giving an unexpected yet enjoyable gift – coffee.

Coffee Speaks the Language of Love

If you have a coffee lover as a significant other (or would like to convert him or her to share your passion for great coffee), why not give the gift that keeps on giving? A pound or two of excellent coffee will not only perk up your loved one’s mornings, but it will also make him or her immediately think of you every time they brew a fresh, hot cup. You will be the first person they think of as they begin their day – how romantic is that?

You can go a step further and purchase a coffee club subscription for your true love. Think about it: every month, without fail, he or she will receive a new coffee variety to discover and savor all month long. It will be Valentine’s Day all over again every time a new coffee delivery arrives.

Up the Ante

The wonderful thing about coffee (aside from its intoxicating aroma, rich flavor and addicting caffeine jolt) is that it comes with a wide array of tools and accessories. Coffee mugs and creamer sets are just the beginning. Sleek airtight coffee containers, powerful coffee grinders, milk frothers, etc. – the list goes on. How about giving a quality thermos or travel mug so your loved one can take their coffee on the go? Try to find one in deep, dark red or cute, bright pink in honor of the holiday.

If your beloved is just embarking on the journey to becoming a coffee connoisseur, a state-of-the-art coffee maker or espresso machine is the perfect gift to help them get started. It does not have to come with all the bells and whistles, but do try to find one that suits the taste (and kitchen décor) of your intended. Brick and mortar as well as online stores keep coffee makers in stock all year long. You are bound to find the right one on sale around this time of the year.

The caffeine in coffee can cause an increased heart rate and a quickened pulse, so you can literally set your partner’s heart a-flutter on Valentine’s Day with an excellent cup of coffee.


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