Coffee and Your Skin – Coffee Benefits for Your Skin

Are you a true coffee lover, who wakes up to have a steaming cup of coffee each morning? If yes, it time to let go of all the guilt and apprehensions you have about your coffee addiction. Your brewing daily fix beverage not only perks you up, but also has some amazing effects on your skin.

Skin experts recommend a daily intake of 2-3 cups of coffee for its skin benefits. You can enjoy your delicious cup of coffee each day and also grapple skin disorders easily. Read along to know about some of these coffee benefits for your skin:

1) Treat your dark circles

If the purple effects of dark circles under your eyes still irritate you, it is time to drown some coffee inside. Coffee helps in eliminating the dark circles that appear because of stress and sleep problems. It can also reduce the undesirable puffiness under your eyes and help you look fresh and better. In fact, most under-eye creams contain caffeine, and people with dark circles are advised to apply moist tea bags under their eyes. This is all because caffeine is a vasodilator, which helps in constriction of blood flow and hence, elimination of under-eye circles.

2) Reduces inflammation

Coffee can dramatically reduce redness and inflammation in your skin. Certain studies have also equated caffeine with aspirin when it comes to reducing skin redness and inflammation. With increased caffeine intake, you can easily enjoy beautiful skin that is even-toned and healthy.

3) Get rid of cellulite

For all those whining women tired of the appearance of cellulite on their bodies, it is now time to bid goodbye to all your cellulite woes. Consider drinking regular cups of coffee for reducing appearance of cellulite. Most of the times, even cellulite creams contain caffeine. This helps in dramatically reducing cellulite, thereby leaving your skin soft and smooth. Incorporating coffee in your daily skin care regime can definitely perk up your skin and help you get rid of most skin related problems.

4) Reduce skin cancer risks

Recent research and studies have come up with claims stating that coffee can prevent the most common type of skin cancer. Studies point out that those men who drank more than three cups of coffee benefited from a 9% reduction in this type of skin risk. This is indeed another reason to cheer up and use the amazing coffee brewer. Make the perfect coffee and brew it to perfection, for a ‘good-till-the-last-drop’ effect.

Coffee is commonly used as an ingredient in most skin products. It has a nice smell, and can leave your skin looking and smelling great. It is time to rejoice and celebrate your love for coffee by taking it regularly. It is however, advisable to drink coffee in moderation and avoid substituting your regular sleep and rest with coffee. Coffee can be detrimental for your skin and health only when taken in excess and substituted over sleep.


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