Coffee and Chocolate: A Match Made in Heaven

Because they share many flavor notes, chocolate and coffee seem like a match made in heaven when they meet. The options are truly limitless: each amplifies the flavors of the other to make for a delightful treat. Here are just some of the ways you can combine the deliciousness of chocolate and coffee.


There’s a wide variety of ways for you to combine the flavors of coffee and chocolate in your drinks. If coffee is your drink of choice, add a chocolate syrup or cocoa powder to your morning cup to make yourself a delightful mocha. Another creative way to include cocoa flavor in your morning brew is to put cocoa nibs in with your ground coffee to make a combination coffee and cocoa tea. For a fun after-hours coffee drink, mix a shot of chocolate liquor into your coffee and top with whipped cream.

For hot chocolate lovers, try adding a shot of espresso to a cup of hot chocolate to make it taste like it’s made from even darker chocolate. A shot of coffee liquor in hot cocoa or chocolate milk makes for a delicious adult beverage, and the same concept works well for chocolate milkshakes.

Cakes & Brownies

Whenever you want to intensify and deepen the flavor of chocolate in your baked goods, add a shot of espresso or some strongly brewed coffee. Because chocolate already has distinct coffee flavors to it, you won’t necessarily be able to pinpoint that coffee has been added to the dessert: you’ll just notice that it tastes richer than it ever did before.

Another way to add coffee to chocolate desserts is to make a coffee simple syrup to pour over cakes to keep them moist. Mix regular strength coffee and sugar in equal amounts (one cup of each is usually enough), bring to a boil, then gently pour onto cakes still in their pans.


Nibbling on a chocolate biscotti with your morning coffee: is there anything better? Feel free to act like a real Italian and dunk your biscotti into your steaming coffee to really relish the melding of the two flavors. If you love the combination, try making your own chocolate and espresso bean biscotti at home to enjoy every morning. Simply take a chocolate biscotti recipe and add chopped espresso beans to the dough before baking. Yum!

Savory Surprises

Chocolate and coffee don’t just work well in sweet applications. Try adding some ground dark chocolate or cocoa powder and some high quality coffee to your next barbecue sauce, chili, or molé. The addition of chocolate and coffee can give these dishes a depth and complexity that will have all of your guests wondering what your secret is. Don’t worry; we won’t tell.


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