Cleaning Your Coffee Maker Effectively

To make the best coffee, you should have good coffee beans. Also, making coffee in a dirty coffee machine will give you bad results no matter how good quality your beans are. The coffee will taste and smell like mud because there are water scales and coffee oil left inside the coffee pot and coffee machine. These residues will impair the function of the machine over time. Because of these factors, you should clean your coffee machine regularly.

Many people are asking for effective tips on how to clean their coffee makers. There are many websites that offer tips on how a clean a coffee maker. Some of them are effective and some of them are not. The best cleaning method is by using white vinegar. For your information, vinegar is a natural substance without toxic elements. The acidic property of vinegar is effective in eliminating mineral deposits, and other impurities inside the coffee maker. In this article, you will know how to clean you coffee maker by using vinegar. Do not compromise that taste of your coffee, follow this guide!

If you use your coffee machine frequently, it is recommended to clean it after 30 brewing processes. Cleaning your machine will not only remove all kinds of residues, but also prolongs the durability of the pot. Below is a step by step guide on how to do the cleaning process.

Step #1

Make a solution by mixing water and vinegar in a container. Fill and soak the pot with enough amount of water-vinegar solution. Soak a white cloth in the solution and wipe the outer surface of the machine. Take out the filter, and clean it thoroughly with water and soap.

Step #2

Dry the machine, and fill it with the solution. Put the filter back to its place. Then allow the coffee maker to run a brewing process. Once the process is complete, turn off the machine, and wait for the pot to cool down.

Step #3

Once the machine has cooled down, remove the filter and wash it with cold water. Remove the pot and throw the solution. You may see some minerals or residues on the pot while you are throwing the solution.

Step #4

To remove the remaining minerals or particles completely, fill the machine with water and allow it to run a brewing process once more. Wait for it to cool down for 15 minutes, and then drain the pot. Repeat this process 2 to 3 times. Once you finished this process, you are guaranteed to have a fresh and clean coffee machine.

This article is a brief overview of using vinegar in cleaning coffee machines. Vinegar prevents you from the exposure of harmful cleaning solutions. You can also save money by doing this process. By doing this cleaning technique, you are preserving the durability and lifespan of your machine. You can now make the best tasting coffee with your newly cleaned coffee machine! Coffee time.


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