Civil Rights Violations

civil rights violation occurs when a person is deprived of certain personal liberties based on religion, race, gender, age, or disability. Every citizen of the United States has certain rights, including the freedoms of speech, religion, and press, the right to bear arms, and the right to be free from illegal searches and seizures. Underlying these basic freedoms is the value that a person should have the same protection of the laws, regardless of their race, color, or certain other personal characteristics. If you suspect that you were the victim of a civil rights violation, call an experienced civil rights attorney to discuss the circumstances of your case and to receive sound legal advice regarding your potential claim.

Many civil rights cases are associated with a person’s race. Sometimes governmental officials or employees are involved with these types of cases. Some cases involve police abuse or false imprisonment. Racial profiling is another area of concern. For example, in 2009, out of over 500,000 individuals that were stopped by the police in traffic stops in New York City, 87% of the individuals were Hispanic or African American who represented only a little over half of the city’s population.

Other civil rights cases involve discrimination based on gender, race, religion, age, or disability. These groups are considered protected classes of individuals and laws are in place to prevent discrimination against individuals on these bases. A civil rights attorney is aware of the various laws that protect individuals and can use this information to provide compensation to victims of civil rights violations.

Some civil rights violations rise to the level of criminal activity. Examples of this type of situation include slavery rings, hate crimes, exploitation of migrant workers, and interference with the practice of religion. Some crimes provide monetary compensation to the victims of these types of violations and some states provide restitution for funeral costs, medical expenses, lost wages, and crime scene clean-up. However, the laws of each state vary. A civil rights attorney can explain how the laws apply in your state.

If a person suspects that his rights have been violated, he should complete certain steps to help with his claim. The first step is to document specific details related to the event in question. If an organization or entity is in place regarding a particular type of violation, he should make a complaint with this organization or entity. Making a public record of the incident will draw attention to the incident and the other party’s wrong actions. A civil rights attorney should then be contacted. A skilled civil rights attorney can objectively assess a case and determine whether the case is worth taking to trial or pursuing. Civil rights cases are particularly difficult to litigate because of the difficulty in proving that a violation occurred and proving how the victim was actually damaged from the wrong acts. An experienced attorney will inform you whether or not the case is worth the time and expense of litigation.

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