Choosing The Right Ski Resort For You

Skiing is a favorite winter pastime of many people. But the enjoyment received when going on a trip can be greatly increased or diminished by your choice of ski resort. The proper ski lodge guarantees a fun time for all, while the wrong one may leave you out in the cold, both literally and figuratively.

Factors to consider when picking a ski resort include size, number of lifts and types of runs, rental availability and prices, and accommodations. A lot of these are personal preferences, so you’ll need to make your own considerations, rather than relying on someone else’s judgment, for the best experience.

The size of the ski lodge is vital to the atmosphere. Large resorts are busy and hectic, which is an environment that some people thrive on. Smaller resorts can be nearly empty, especially during the week, which is equally appealing to some. Choosing the size of your resort is easy, with resorts coming in all sorts of sizes.

The number of lifts at a resort is directly related to its size. Smaller resorts have fewer lifts, and fewer runs. But because they are less busy, there may actually be more access to the runs. The number of runs often influences how many options there are for any particular skill level, so it can be important if you want multiple challenges. Some very small resorts only have one or two runs for each skill level, so keep this in mind if you are the type to get bored on a single run.

Pretty much all resorts offer rental equipment. The prices are usually higher than those for equipment rented off-site, but they have the convenience factor going for them, and you may need to rent the equipment for fewer days overall. Rental equipment is not always the nicest equipment in the world, but for beginners, intermediates, and non-picky experienced skiers, it usually works fine.

The prestige and size of the lodge in question greatly influences prices. The bigger and more famous the resort, the more a lift ticket will cost, usually. This can be worth it, if you especially enjoy the particular lodge, or like the multiple runs available to you, but consider going to a smaller location if the prices at big ones are too high.

Accommodations are an important part of enjoying your skiing experience. Some of the bigger locations have hotels immediately on the slopes, where you can watch people skiing out your window. Others are a bit of a drive from the slopes, but have the advantage of being in more pristine wilderness areas, which some people appreciate.

Enjoying your ski trip is easy enough, if you take a little time beforehand to consider what you want from it. A little bit of research can go a long way in making sure that you find everything you want when you arrive, so set aside this time to make sure you have the best trip possible. There are locations for all sorts of preferences, so you should be able to find what you want.


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