Choosing Chalets? Choose Morzine Chalets

When planning a ski holiday, don’t spend time worrying about which resort has the best chalets – Morzine wins hands-down and here are just a few reasons why.

Ski chalets

When you are on a ski holiday, you probably hope not to be spending too much time in your ski chalet. You’re going skiing after all to experience the slopes, the snow and the general culture, and it’s a fair guess you don’t have too many plans to spend hours sitting in your chalet counting the knots in the wood around the walls and ceilings. Having said that, your ski chalet is likely to be the key component in the enjoyment of your holiday. If it’s not comfortable and ‘right’, then at best it may reduce your enjoyment of the holiday or at worst, turn it into a nightmare. Therefore, a sensible degree of worrying might not be a bad idea if it results in you getting a holiday ski chalet that is suitable for your requirements. So just what does this have to do with Morzine?

Chalets, Morzine and a great ski holiday

Morzine is a charming French Alpine ski resort sitting in the Haute Savoie region of France. Close to the Swiss border, it benefits from the renowned Mont Blanc microclimate and proudly boasts good skiing and an excellent weather record from the middle of December right up to the end of April. It’s a very atmospheric resor,t and in the centre comprises a number of historic and timber buildings so that, unlike some other resorts, it does not appear to have been constructed only yesterday.

Around half the slopes in Morzine are rated as suitable for beginners or pre-intermediates, which means the resort has a very friendly and family-oriented outlook. That’s not to say that advanced skiers would find it too tame because it also has a large number of red and black runs that might well test the abilities and skills of the best professionals.

There are over 400 miles of maintained trails and slopes and the resort is extremely well equipped with modern lifts and transport systems. Over the years the town and surrounding areas have gained an excellent reputation for reliable and enjoyable skiing and fantastic holiday enjoyment – including, of course, numerous locations where you can have some après-ski fun.

So what have chalets, Morzine, and the concept of a more relaxed holiday have in common with each other?

A good selection

If you’re into skiing then you probably know that renting a chalet or chalet accommodation in some resorts can be tantamount to playing the lottery. If you get a good chalet then fine but there is always the chance that you won’t. Of course, to some extent there is a tendency to get what you pay for. A top-of-the-range luxury chalet will hopefully be of predictable and reliable quality wherever it is in any resort. However, that’s not necessarily always the case and disappointment may be even more likely if you need to be a little cautious with the budget.

For chalets, Morzine offers a very impressive selection and the location of the resort sitting in a very beautiful valley means that you are unlikely to be disappointed in terms of where they are situated. The resort’s orientation towards families also means that most of the chalets are of very good quality and furnished to a high standard.


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