Choosing a Replacement Window

When selecting a replacement window it is important to remember that the function of a window is not only to let in light. Windows have many other important functions such as controlling the flow of heat into and out of your home, making a design statement, and allowing fresh air to circulate throughout your home. As such, you should only purchase a replacement window with all of these things in mind.

You must keep the climate in your area in mind when shopping for replacement windows. Different windows are better suited for certain climates. Windows designed to keep heat in that have a low U-value are best for colder climates. The U-value of a window is the measure of its ability to act as an insulator. The lower the U-value of a window the greater its ability to insulate your building.

Additionally, you will want to consider the glaze of your window. Glazing your windows adds an extra layer, multiple layers help provide additional insulation in order to keep heat inside. The cost of glazing can be somewhat prohibitive, if you find that this expense exceeds your budget, you may wish to consider using insulated glass units for your replacement windows. Insulated glass units basically contain air pockets, which are sealed between two panes of glass. Some of these pockets are actually filled with Argon or Krypton glasses that have a very low U-value.

Homes in warmer climates should be interested in keeping the warm air out rather than keeping it in. In these climates it is best to purchase a replacement window with a low-E coating. A low-E coating helps reduce the amount of solar heat allowed to enter your home through the windowpane.

In addition to keeping the heat out of your home in warmer clients you will also want to choose replacement windows that will allow air to circulate within your home on mild days. It is very important to purchase windows that will open rather than those that cannot open, as it is doubtful that there will never be an occasion to open your window. Try, if possible, to select a window design that is also easy to open and close while complimenting your interior and exterior décor.

While it is possible to install your own windows it is recommended that unless you have considerable carpentry skills you pay for the installation. It is much better to pay for the installation of one window than to pay for multiple windows as replacement for your replacement window or worse, end up paying for repairs because water gets in through your window or excessive energy bills because air escapes.