Choose a Manual Projection Screen and Save Money

By purchasing a manual projection screen you can save a lot of money over other options that are on the market today.  Of course money is not the only thing to consider when buying a projection screen, but depending on your situation it should definitely come into play.  After all, who doesn’t want to save a bit of money with any purchase that they make.  And if you can get away with using a manual projection screen instead of a more sophisticated option why not do so?

The main difference between a manual projection screen and a motorized option is that you will have to pull down the screen yourself anytime you want to use it.  In addition, when you are done you will have to put the screen back up manually.  For most people this is not a problem so the money that they save is well worth it.  The only downfall is that you will actually have to do the work yourself to put the screen up and down.  Plus, some people like the look and feel of the motorized projection screen; it makes them appear as if they are more technologically advanced.

If you are not concerned about a little bit of work, or how you look, a manual projection screen may be the best option for you.  Not only can you save money along the way, but you will also be getting a great screen that can help out with presentations.  A manual projection screen is an option that should be considered.


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