Childproofing the Bespoke Woodwork in Your Home

As any parent will tell any future parent, having children will change your life.

They’ll instantly become the most important thing in your world and certain things will never be the same again.

This includes making changes around the home that weren’t necessary before.

Whereas your custom wood doors were designed with looks and durability in mind, these solid slabs of hardwood now need to be made safe for little fingers.

But it’s not just the custom wood doors in your home that have to be considered.

Once children begin walking, there’s no stopping their curiosity. Your bespoke kitchen cabinets will also become potential finger traps, and glass panel doors can get the better of even us grown-ups from time to time.

While some prefer to make certain areas of the home off-limits to their children, their curiosity shouldn’t be stifled unless absolutely necessary.

Let them wander as much as possible. But keep them safe with these tips.

Childproofing your custom wood doors

The main hazard heavy custom wood doors pose to your children are trapped fingers. This may happen between the leading edge and the frame when the door closes, or between the back edge and the frame where the hinges are located.

For either instance, simple additions can keep your children’s fingers safe and your mind at rest while not ruining the aesthetic.

Slam stoppers attach to the leading edge of the door and act as a buffer between it and the frame. The means the door can never close completely with the stopper in place, making trapped fingers an impossibility.

On the rear edge of your custom wood doors, flexible clip-on hinge strips will prevent little fingers from getting caught while allowing the door to open and close as normal.

Safety in the bespoke kitchen

The potential household hazards to your children and their fingers aren’t limited to your custom wood doors.

Your kitchen, with its bespoke wood cabinets and cupboards, should also be childproofed as much as possible. Cupboard safety catches are simple plastic hooks that prevent any door or drawers from being opened more than a few centimeters, unless the catch is pushed clear out of the way.

This helps keep your children safe in two ways.