Cat Poo Coffee – Why and Where You SHOULD Try It!

For coffee lovers everywhere, there has been an explosion of choice over the last decade, as small time niche coffee growers and coffee shops fight back against the high street brands which have dominated the area for some time.

One type of coffee, which brands itself as one of the world’s most expensive coffees is Civet coffee, or Kopi Luwak, and there is a reason for this famous badge. This coffee’s delicate flavouring is developed through a unique and intriguing natural process that may put some people off! You see, Civet coffee is also known as Cat Poo Coffee, and here’s why.

Asian Palm Civet cats are adept at picking the best coffee beans; they know the best when they see them. And they also love to eat them as well! As the bean passes through the digestive tract of the cat, it picks up all manner of enzymes which sculpt and craft the flavour of the bean into something unique. Due to the natural and ad hoc manner of this approach, production costs are costly and low volume, thus the high price associated with cat poo coffee.

This might sound disgusting, but don’t forget the beans are cleaned and roasted after this method, so it’s not like you’re drinking coffee with excrement in it! Now that would be different!

The coffee itself is delicious. It is strong bodied, flavoursome and has a little kick to it which may be attributed to the Civet cat. Some of the best of this coffee can be found in Bali, in the mountains nearby Munduk. It’s a perfect destination to head to for a day if you’re on a beach holiday in Bali, a round trip taking around 4 hours but well worth it to see some of the countryside and the real side of Bali. You can even see some lovely temples and lakes on your trip, giving a cultural side to your beach holiday.

Cat poo coffee is not just for coffee lovers. It’s an experience that everyone can try, from learning about the origins, to admiring the complicated contraptions that brew the coffee, to the tasting itself. It’s not often you get to taste a unique coffee at a fraction of the price you would pay at home, but that’s what you get with Cat Poo coffee in Bali. Just forget about the creation process and enjoy the end result!


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