Can A First Time Investor Buy Mutual Funds?

Most prospective investors seeking investment opportunities for the first time often scan the market very keenly to find out where they can invest. A good number are tempted to rush for investments whose returns seem high in the short run without seeking more information on the volatility of the investment. A mutual fund is an organization which invests money in many different kinds of business and which offers units for sale to the public as a pooled investment, it is most definitely an option for first time investors.

There are several types of mutual funds. They are classified according to the volatility, risk and return involved. There are also several factors that the investor needs to consider before investing in funds for the first time. It is important to consider the level of risk to capital and the potential reward if both the market and fund perform according to the remit. In most cases, new investors commence with low risk. Once this strategy provides the return expected it builds up investor confidence to take on other classes of mutual funds.

A first time investor has the option to invest not only in traditional funds, but also offshore funds. It is advisable that first time investors seek advice from a broker before deciding which type of fund to purchase paying particular attention to the rating of the fund, the volatility and the past performance. The broker or online fund manager will identify the best type of investment that suits the investor according to their risk profile and investment criteria.

There are several benefits of investing in mutual funds compared to purchasing stocks and shares. A single mutual fund normally holds securities in a large number of companies. They therefore offer a diversified risk if markets changes. In the case of an investment in an individual stock or share any market condition could see huge losses on the investment whereas a mutual fund would need to experience losses in all its holdings to lose money at the same rate, it is this diluted exposure to one stock that ensures mutual funds remain a better option than share purchase.

Mutual funds can be purchased online at very affordable rates, minimum holdings vary according to the fund managers with some available for as low as a few hundred US dollars or its equivalent. They are managed by professional fund managers, although there is a cost here it is their talent that builds success opportunities and provides the investor with the opportunity to make a profit too. Mutual funds can be traded quite frequently, some on a daily basis, others weekly or monthly, allowing investors to gain access to their money and maybe switch to another fund with growth potential.

The process for beginning fund investment is very simple. A new investor just needs to sign up for an online account. Information will be private and confidential and used for anti money laundering purposes as required by regulators. The investor will then link a savings account to the fund platform and the client can then start to trade from the comfort of home. In summary mutual funds are both affordable and practical investment options for the first time investor.

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