Cafe’ Cups That Excite the Senses

Imagine that! Now you can see your favorite beverage in three-dimensional form. Thanks to the new double-wall glass designs, you can now experience a stunning difference in the way you see, touch and taste your coffee, tea, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

The visual sense is an important element that stirs your thirst, or desire, when it comes to beverage enjoyment. The presentation of a drink in twin-wall glass not only reveals the content inside, but raises it to an art form. You can actually see the substance in three-dimensional perspective.

There are two main versions of cafe’ cups: one is crystal clear, and the other is semi-frosted with a transparent stripe. Each has its particular appeal. Crystal clear finishes reveal all of the liquid characteristics in a higher dimension and in various shapes. Alternative versions of semi-frosted interior with a clear stripe add a mystical sense to what you are about to drink.

A beverage poured in the cup can be seen like in a showcase. Your natural inclination is to hold the trophy and bring the drink to your mouth. You do not have to fear grasping the vessel with hot or cold liquid inside the twin-walls. The outer glass layer is insulated to the touch. The hot espresso, cappuccino and regular coffee inside will, of course, stay hot. Alternatively, cold drinks including juices, sodas, cocktails, champagnes and others are equally preserved in the inner chamber. Traditional cups, consequently, allow temperature of liquids inside, hot or cold, to quickly change.

The idea of double-wall glass cups has caught on in American and European markets. Bodum, a housewares marketing giant, has been an early promoter of the twin-ply cups and glasses. Its Pavina collection is often featured in Internet stores. Although availability of twin-wall cafe’ cups is relatively scarce in US stores, you will already find ensembles on the Web that focus on extraordinary designs, finishes and shapes including oval, hour-glass, conical and globe. All of these forms are relatively stronger than common cylindrical shapes.

Most double-wall glasses and cups are made from borosilicate material. Borosilicate glasses are known for having very low coefficients of thermal expansion, making them resistant to thermal shock, more so than regular glass is. This high heat tolerance makes dish washing of such material safe and convenient.

The clarity of borosilicate glass is exceptional. Double-wall glass designs can look stunning whether empty, or containing liquids, or solids. As with most china table wares, twin-wall glasses and cups are handmade in China. They bear a small clear dimple under the base of the glass shape. This small bubble is a visual confirmation that it is crafted by hand.


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