Buying a Door Awning

The wonderful thing about a door awning is that it can be used
for any type door – front door, sliding back door, French door,
etc. Okay, so what are the benefits of a door awning? You
might be surprised by some of the reasons people add an awning
to their home or business. Some benefits are obvious but some
are not. This article will show you why the door awning is such
a great investment.

One of the obvious benefits of adding a door awning to your home
or business has to do with blocking out the sun. If you live in
a hotter region of the country or during an exceptionally hot
summer such as this year, the door awning can shield not only
your door from the hot, UV rays, but also provide an enjoyable
place for you to visit with family and friends without
sweltering. For instance, if you were to purchase a larger door
awning to cover the entire back area of your deck or patio, you
could easily entertain in the shade.

Another benefit to a door awning is protection from the rain.
Again, if you live in Seattle or Portland where it rains often
or you happen to find yourself stuck inside on a rainy day, you
can unroll the door awning and have immediate protection. In
this case, you could set up a nice outdoor picnic lunch for
antsy kids tired of being trapped indoors. The door awning
would allow them a way to get outside without getting wet. Some
people just love watching rainfall so with a door awning, you
could sit outside with a good cup of coffee and enjoy.

A door awning can also be visually pleasing. If you have a
business but the front is plain and unappealing, you could add
an attractive door awning to make your business stand out. For
this, you might consider a bright red fabric awning for a
contemporary or whimsical look. A door awning of taupe and
white stripes would create a look of sophistication and
elegance. However, if you want to go all out, making a real
impression, then consider something made from copper.

In addition to these obvious benefits for a door awning, two
other aspects often overlooked are indoor protection and reduced
utility bills. As we mentioned, a door awning can provide
protection from the hot sun’s rays, which allows you the
opportunity to sit outside on a hot day. However, this type of
protection also means protecting your valuables on the inside.
Because UV rays can cause fading, if the sun shines directly
into your home or business, it can actually cause damage to the
flooring, furniture, artwork, wall paint, and so on. Rather
than have your precious items ruined by fading, a door awning
would eliminate the problem.

Then, we see the price of utilities bills on the rise. If you
are tired of paying high cost for energy consumption, then a
door awning can actually help reduce the amount you pay each
month. During the hot summer, the door awning blocks out the
hot sun, which means the indoors remains cooler. With that, you
can move the thermostat up a tad, thus reducing your air
conditioning bill. The same is true in the wintertime. By
using a door awning, cold wind and drifting snow are reduced or
eliminated. Again, this means you can adjust your thermostat
and save some month each month.

When buying a door awning, it is important that you choose what
you like but also the best material for your particular home or
business. We recommend you choose an awning from a company that
provides a solid warranty should something go wrong. Although
you might pay a little more money for a high quality door
awning, the investment is worth it for all you get in return.


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