A Simple Way To Cut ‘Bad’ Body Fat And Diabetes Risk In Men – Finds New Study

This study has shown that an increasingly common hobby can help men lose “bad” body fat and lower their risk of developing diseases like diabetes. A large review of the evidence that appeared in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Circumpolar Health suggests that taking a dip in cold water may help men lose “bad” body fat and lower their … Read more

How states can boost internally generated revenue, by Experts

Experts in the financial sector say state governments can significantly boost internally generated revenue if they leverage technology, especially in the tax collection process. Thomas Ezeh, regional head for the North and Abuja business at Interswitch, an African integrated payments and digital commerce platform company, said states are still performing below capacity in terms of … Read more

ALMA Spots A Hot Bubble Near Supermassive Black Hole – That Makes A Full Loop In Just 70 Mins

Astronomers have found evidence of a “hot spot” orbiting Sagittarius A*, the black hole at the centre of our galaxy, using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA). This discovery provides crucial insight into the mysterious and ever-changing surroundings of our supermassive black hole. “We think we’re looking at a hot bubble of gas zipping around … Read more

Nigeria to create 840,000 jobs from energy transition – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari Wednesday in New York expressed his confidence that Nigeria’s energy transition plan would put the nation on the path of prosperity and guide the rapid expansion of related industries, with 840,000 jobs created by 2060. President Buhari stated this at a closed-door meeting with the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio … Read more

Researchers Find High Levels Of PFAS In School Uniforms Sold In The US

Researchers have found high levels of the dangerous chemicals called “forever chemicals” or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in school uniforms sold across the United States. This is another example of how PFAS are found in many consumer products, industrial products, and textiles. In a study that was published in Environmental Science and Technology Letters, scientists … Read more

New Test: Human-directed Attachment Behaviour Exists In Wolves As Well

Many canines are born with the ability to express love and warmth to their human companions. Now, an article published today in the journal Ecology and Evolution says that wolves also have the amazing ability to form strong bonds with people who care for them. Researchers from Stockholm University in Sweden found this out by putting … Read more

Nigerian films fail eligibility criteria for Oscars 2023, NOSC announces

The Nigerian Official Selection Committee (NOSC) for the Academy Awards has announced the cancellation of its plan for the country’s participation in the 2023 Oscars saying that no submitted film was eligible. Chineze Anyaene-Abonyi, the Chairperson of NOSC who disclosed the development to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences( AMPAS), expressed regret that … Read more