Business Website Need To Be Audited

Here are some details of what an audit is about

Global Performance Information
These are indicators to show the health of your website, reach, and awareness compared to the rest of the websites globally, nationwide, and within a given industry.

Ranking Audit
A Ranking Audit is an analysis of how your website is ranking for keywords and phrases. This audit can be extended by doing a competitive ranking audit that includes an audit of your competitor’s ranking. Another audit element can analyze how many keywords and phrases on any given website are ranking in the first 5 search positions as compared to the next 20 or 50 positions. This will help find more optimization potential for rankings >10.

UI = User Interface and UX = User Experience. This is not an analysis by numbers directly, but having a good User Interface and Look & Feel may lead to a good User Experience. Good User Interface elements that drive a good User Experience are clear. Call to Actions, good readability of the text, and is the website mobile friendly just to name a few examples. This is important as the search engine can measure user signals. If a visitor after searching for a keyword or phrase is satisfied with a given website due to a good UI & UX, they won’t bounce back to the search engine. Most likely they will take action on the website like purchasing a product. This drives revenue to the website owner more often than a website with poor UI & UX. Websites with positive user signals will be ranked higher.

Content Overview (On-Page)
Content Analysis is a large and important chunk of a comprehensive website analysis. This touches everything visible on your website.

The keyword focus audit analyzes how well you’ve identified and targeted the keywords that people use to find your page. However, good content doesn’t stop here. It is also used to determine the quality of the content by measuring the appropriate word count of the text, by applying the right information to (non-visible) META information like META descriptions, image ALT tags, internal linking, etc. Finally, is this page ready to be linked appropriately to any social network like Facebook and Twitter?

Indexing Overview
Technical analysis like the indexing status of a website is important because if search engines cannot index the website properly, they cannot understand the content and meaning of the website.

Indexing begins with choosing the right pages to be indexed and those not to be indexed. The Google Search Bot has just a very small amount of time to index a website. The Google Bot just indexes a specific amount of pages of a site. The analysis looks deep into your website to help determine which pages to index and which pages to exclude from the index.

Analysis of possible broken links is important to avoid people reaching an error page. Reaching an error page by clicking on a broken link may cause dissatisfaction and frustration for the user. If the user returns to the search engine result page and conducts another search Google will value this behavior as a bad user signal.

Linking Analysis Overview (Off-Page)
The Internet is a “web”! It’s a huge network of links pointing from one web page to another. But linking is a double-edged sword. Two linked resources must have a contextual meaning to each other. In this case, it brings a higher value for the user and the search engine as well as for ranking determination.

An Analysis will check all inbound links regarding their contextual value to the web page and their possible toxicity level. This identifies the authority and trust transfer to the given page. If links are just created to get a higher ranking they may be considered spam by search engines.

A complete, deep Audit will provide all of the information about your website in the form of a detailed report. This report will be your road map for the process of making the necessary corrections to your website to obtain higher rankings.


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