Book Review – Ken Dychtwald’s Age Power

One the maximum well-known demographers (take a look at of demographics) withinside the United States is Ken Dychtwald. He’s written 16 books at the subject, and consults Presidents, World Leaders, and pinnacle CEOs of most important companies. Not handiest does he take a look at US demographics however has some thing to mention approximately Japan’s getting old population, and China’s, in addition to the European’s.

Recently, I re-read; “Age Power – How the twenty first Century Will Be Ruled with the aid of using the Old” with the aid of using Ken Dychtwald, PhD., Penguin Putnam Book Publishers, New York, NY, 2000, 266 pages, ISBN: 0-87477-594-5. Although this ee-e book become written in 1999 and re-posted in 2000 and become a best-seller, what has modified considering then? Not tons actually, and all of Ken’s predictions are gambling out now.

Most folks realize approximately this hassle, and maximum folks have older participants of our own circle of relatives who can also additionally quickly be in want of long-time period care and caregiver offerings. Are we prepared, what are we going to do while that point comes, how can we realize while it is time to get a bit greater assist for mother or dad?

How terrible is the hassle really? Ken Dychtwald talks approximately a demographic “Train Wreck” and coming demographic disaster withinside the United States. No, it is now no longer simply here, however it may emerge as a miles worse hassle here. He states: “A caregiving crunch may want to emerge as the social and financial sink hollow of the twenty first century.”

So what does Ken Dychtwald, PhD. suggest with the aid of using this statement? Well, it is simple, there’ll now no longer be sufficient cash for households to attend to all of the aged seniors withinside the final decade in their lives, or sufficient cash withinside the US treasury to pay for everyone’s caregiver offerings all through that point. He additionally explains that except 10’s of tens of thousands and thousands of caregivers are skilled withinside the subsequent decade there may not be sufficient human beings to fulfill demand – now no longer even sufficient human beings for the ones households who can have enough money the offerings.

We will all be stored with the aid of using new stay-sturdiness breakthroughs? Don’t expect it says Dychtwald, certain we can also additionally stay little longer with technological enhancements, however in the end we’re going to want assist and if fitness care expenses keep to rise, it’ll a disaster.