BOB Revolution CE Stroller – everything you need to know about this jogging stroller

Lots of other jogging strollers have been released since that time, that is why I don’t want to waste your time reading about out-of-date technologies. Today, I would like to discuss CE Stroller which is one of the models designed for jogging by the popular BOB Revolution manufacturer. Frankly speaking, I am crazy about some of its jogging strollers which are definitely one of the best products for active parents currently available. Providing you are considering a purchase of a baby carriage suitable for jogging, I suppose, you will be interested in learning more about this specific type of strollers.BOB Revolution CE Stroller – dimensions, fold and weight

Supposing this is the first time you are searching for a jogging stroller, you might not be aware of the fact this type of a pram is quite heavy. Actually, jogging strollers are featured with the highest level of safety which can be gained by using the most durable materials. As a result, the overall weight of such a stroller is usually far from light.

I personally always pay special attention to the weight and dimensions of any stroller as I know from my own experience how difficult it might be to go out with a child, a heavyweight stroller and other necessary things. If there is no one who can help you, you might become rather depressed by several trips outdoors. When it comes to jogging strollers, parents may have extra requirements such as a compact fold allowing them to transport a pram in the trunk of their car. Many families use jogging strollers during long trips with their children. That is why the dimensions and w4eight of these prams are particularly crucial.

The dimensions of BOB Revolution CE Stroller are 51.5″ x 25.5″ x 40″ whereas its weight is 23 lbs. Undeniably, this stroller is larger than many regular prams and it is also not especially lightweight, however, it is smaller and lighter than a great number of other jogging stroller which makes it one of the best jogging stroller for everyday use. Although CE Stroller is still somewhat bulky and therefore not the best option for making to the locations in which you will have to get through narrow alleys such as shops and supermarkets, it is a great option for walking in the park.

Despite the fact I find strollers with a one-step folding process more convenient, the two-step folding mechanism used in BOB Revolution CE Stroller isn’t complex by no means. The only thing you should be aware of is the fact you will need both hands for folding the stroller. I know it is great when you can fold a stroller with just one hand as the other one can keep your child, but I definitely do not recommend you to keep your baby nearby while folding or unfolding the stroller as children like to put their fingers into the mechanisms which can lead to cutting or pinching fingers.

When the stroller is folded, an automatic lock will fix it in its position in order to make the fold more stable. I like this solution, albeit some parents especially the ones suffering from back aches might be not necessarily happy about the prospect of locking the stroller with a special clip attached to the wrist strap.Other crucial elements of BOB Revolution CE Stroller

What else should you consider before purchasing any type of a stroller? I heartily recommend you paying your attention to the wheels and suspension of a pram as well as to its handlebar and storage options. The quality of wheels and suspension are important not only for convenient manoeuvring a stroller. In point of fact, the comfort of a rider depends on these elements very much as well. When it comes to a handlebar, this is a part of a stroller which must be adjustable to your height as inappropriate length of a handlebar can cause serious damage in your wrists, especially if you are planning to walk with a stroller during long hours. Finally, there is no need to describe how a storage space of a stroller is important for its user since it is virtually impossible to get out with a small child without taking any of his or her belongings from home.

Let’s check the standards of these elements in BOB Revolutions CE Stroller.Wheels, suspension and brake

The first thing I like about this model of the BOB Revolutionary stroller is the great size of wheels. There are three of them and each has 12”. The wheels are air-filled which makes it easier to use the stroller on uneven terrains. Of course, this also means you will need to maintain the wheels, yet, it won’t cost you any special effort since the tires of BOB Revolution CE Stroller can be pumped with a standard pump designed for bicycles. Any other problems such as a flat tyre can also be solved by changing an inner tube. This one can be purchased in the most basic bike shop.

Another great feature about these wheels is the fact the front one has a swivelling mechanism which can be locked. What are the advantages of such a technology? Supposing you wish to jog on an even road, you can unlock the wheel which will make the process of manoeuvring smooth and convenient. Still, if you travel with your jogging stroller to more rural places where you need to go through bumpy locations or push the pram on sand, grass or rocks, locking the wheel will make it far more easier to handle the stroller.

Suspension is another great feature of BOB Revolution CE as it allows you to adjust the stroller to the type of a terrain. I personally find this feature fantastic as it really gives you maximum comfort while passion your stroller under different conditions. Thus, neither you, not your child will feel any shocks coming from riding on gravel and rocks.

Finally, you should know the brake in this model is operated by foot. You will find it easily on the back side of the stroller between its rear wheels.Storage

Comparing to other jogging strollers as well as prams of other types, I consider the storage basket of BOB Revolution CE Stroller of a medium size. This means you will be certainly able to take the necessities of your child. Although there are strollers with greater baskets, this one has easy access to the storage place which is also important.

Your essentials can be hidden in a large pocket located on the backrest of the seat so as you can always keep them at hand.BOB Revolution CE Stroller: my conclusion

There is a number of great features in BOB Revolution CE Stroller, ho0wever, there are also several cons which you should take into consideration. Check the list of the major characteristics of this stroller below.

You will definitely like:

  • the quality of its wheels which are made of a durable polymer, are large and have tyres pumped with air. In addition to it, the front wheel can swivel or can be locked;
  • the adjustable suspension allowing you to choose the right level for a particular terrain and weight of a rider;
  • its large and comfortable seat that can be suitable even for pre-schoolers;
  • the possibility of using the frame with an infant car seat;
  • a large canopy with a window;
  • high safety standards including a wrist strap, a five-point harness, a parking brake and a rich padding of the seat;
  • a relatively light weight of the stroller while compared to other jogging prams.

Pay your attention to the fact BOB Revolution CE Stroller is still bulky albeit it is not too heavy. As you have already learnt, there are no accessories included into the price of the stroller, therefore, you will need to shop for them separately. Furthermore, I am not necessarily sure the fold of this stroller is compact and it certainly lacks an automatic lock. Finally, the handlebar of this BOB’s model is not adjustable.

Considering all the facts mentioned above, I can suggest purchasing BOB Revolution CE Stroller to the parents who wish to get a jogger suitable for both rural areas and cities. This stroller is really great for jogging and hiking and it can be used on various types of terrains. As it is not as heavy as many other jogging strollers, it is definitely more comfortable for daily usage. Yet, you should be aware of the fact its size is still too great for using the stroller while shopping. For that reason, I think it will be sensible to think about the major purpose you would like to buy a jogging stroller. The only group of people I will not recommend buying BOB Revolution CE Stroller for sure are quite tall or petite parents as you will not be able to adjust the handlebar of this pram to your height.


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