Blog Marketing – What It Really Is

Every day, more and more people are turning to blog marketing as the foundation of their business. If you look at successful internet marketers like Yaro Starak, Jonathan Budd, Katie Freiling, and Mike Dillard, you’ll see that they all have their own blogs. Blog marketing truly promotes a personal brand…you are a personal brand.

Blogs are designed to attract a following of like-minded people to create value. Some bloggers will focus solely on increasing their page rank so that more traffic is sent to them… to increase sales of affiliate products. Typically, you will see many different forms of advertising on a blog, e.g. B. Banner ads and text links.

So theoretically, if you get a lot of traffic to your blog… you could sell ad space. Depending on the amount of traffic…you could charge big bucks to let people advertise on your blog posts, sidebar, header or footer. So how does this help you?

Well…when you work to increase your blog’s popularity, you increase your credibility as an expert in your field…and you can easily recommend affiliate products to your readers. You can rate a product in your blog post, and people will buy the product if they find your review helpful in their decision-making process. On the other hand…

You could just write posts for other bloggers who already have enough traffic on their blog. This will help you build your list and increase your online presence. When you guest post on an authority blog, you typically have to write multiple times a week. So get ready to take your blog marketing to a whole new level, because that’s work.

Let’s say you land on a reputable blog. Now you have to write many articles per week and make sure you meet the blog owner’s needs. Assuming you meet their needs… now it’s time to syndicate their work. Take advantage of the social media hype by publishing your blog post on Facebook, Twitter, Digg…

and any other social site. Post writing is perfect for social dynamics. Now you’re probably wondering how to be successful with blog marketing. Well, here’s my take on it: You’re a blogger…

and your job is to gain the trust of your readers. So be trustworthy and help them with everything that is difficult for them. Make sure your posts scream value. Offer your readers quality information. Fill content.

Instead, offer free products and videos that detail how to perform a specific task or solve a specific problem. You will be amazed at how well your blog marketing works when you do this. By the way, don’t you want to make $500 a day online?