Blog Marketing – How to Start a Profitable Blog Part 3

Don’t expect to make money in your first month

That’s maybe not what you would like to hear. But it’s true if you want to be long-term in making money online you will have to be patient and consistent with your effort. Successful internet marketers try to make theirs blogs the best industry. That should be your blog also! Provide the content that is innovative, your experiences that people won’t find anywhere else. Dig first through the subject you want to talk about to see it from different perspectives, give to your posts personal stories, successes, or failures. Keep it your personal journal with great content and value.


The great thing about blogs that make them more interactive and web 2.0 is that all readers have the ability to comment on each of your posts. They can share with you what they think about your post, about a topic you’ve written about. The number of comments for each post can tell you which posts build the biggest controversy or become most interesting for your readers. In this way, you can determine what you should write about.

Let’s start now blog marketing!

Create valuable content. Make content for people not only for search engines. Create content that can help people, write about what they are looking for. You can make a survey, poll to ask your readers what they want to read about. Most people rely only on search engine traffic. But actually, most of your AdSense clicks, sales of affiliate products, etc. will come from your repeatable visitors. Make your blog content original and unique.

Pinging to blog search engines

Blog marketing can be much more successful for you if you will use the potential of blog search engines. Especially in WordPress where you will be able to automatically add your blog posts to dozens of blog search engines.

Comment on other blogs

Go to top blogs in your subject and comment. You can put the link to your site. You will get free backlinks and traffic. Try to comment regularly and be first in that way more people will see your comment and link to your site.

Search engine optimization

One of the most important things to get a lot of traffic from search engines is to update your blog often. The next important factor is getting backlinks from other sites to yours. These sites should be relevant to your or search engines like Google won’t count this backlink. WordPress has lots of useful SEO plugins that can help you get a higher listing.

When can I expect to get traffic?

It can take some time to get some significant traffic from search engines. Try to gather many links from blog commenting to speed up your listing. You should expect to get some traffic in the first few weeks.

When can I start to make money?

It can take few months before your site will be stable and you will get some good traffic. Some people may be surprised that it takes so much time but raising your online business is not an overnight thing.


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