Better Understanding Of Chicken Soup And How It Treats Common Colds

Ever wonder if soups have healing wonders?  We kept on asking whether they have special healing powers because we always seem to be lightened up every time we eat soup.  It is amazing how a simple soup can make the body warm and so pampered the same as how a simple small fry stun gun also gives relief and confidence to an individual who needs extra protection.  When we have colds or when we feel cold, we always seek for something hot like a cup of coffee or better yet a bowl of hot and tasty soup.  Not only does it warm the body, it somehow gives relaxing effects to the soul.  So when you feel so tired or perhaps so down, make your own soup and just simply indulge in its taste.

One of the very famous soups in almost all countries across the globe is chicken soup.  Chicken soup is commonly being served by your mother when you are not feeling well.  There are beliefs that chicken soup has a medicinal effect that is probably why your mother has been serving you with the best recipe of chicken soup when you have colds.  And where did your mother learn about this?  Of course, from their great ancestors.

Past generations believe that this type of soup can be a very good cure for colds similar to a cellphone stun gun which is a very good tool for self defense. Even up to this point, there are some researchers who still believe that there are amino acids found in chicken soup when in fact there are none at all.  The researchers who claimed that there are amino acids found in the soup but when asked about the name of the amino acid, they could not give one.  There are still no proofs or evidences to prove their claim.

Do not be dismayed by this fact.  Despite of chicken soup not being able to cure common colds, you can still benefit from eating it when you have colds in the sense that it helps in alleviating the symptoms that goes along with it.  The soup inhibits inflammation of the cells in the nasal passage which results to the reduction of the symptoms of colds. 

It is not only chicken soup that can bring this type of effect but it also includes any type of hot soup.  A hot soup soothes the throat and traps bacteria.  Ever tried slurping a hot soup?  It feels like your nasal passages are cleared which allows you to have a breath of fresh air. 

So whenever you have colds and you are really becoming annoyed over the different symptoms that goes along with it, have your mother make you a tasty and sumptuous hot soup.  Though it cannot cure the illness, it still has the power to rehydrate and comfort you.  Other than having hot soup, chicken or not chicken, drinking plenty of fluids will also help in relieving colds. It will flush all the bacteria and allows you to breathe in easily.  


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