Best Coffee in the World

People worldwide have proven that the Asian, Indian, and Pacific coffees are outstanding because of its unique features such as smooth flavors and mild acidity. Those who love coffee will know that they do not have any reason to worry while they are travelling because they know that every place has its popular and best coffee to serve. Southeast Asia offers delicious and heavenly good coffee and they are available through vendors on the streets. Coffee from Southeast Asia is distinctively different from Western regions. In US, coffee sizes are from 12 to 20 ounces which are larger than the Southeast Asia.

So that when you are travelling, it is good to know the best coffee these places are offering:

Brazil is known to be the world’s biggest coffee manufacturer which contributes for about more than 30% of the world’s coffee.

Jamaica takes pride in its Blue Mountains coffee which is considered as the finest coffee throughout the world. Their coffee beans are grown and nurtured on the foothills of the Blue Mountain which is beyond 3,000 feet.

Colombia is the next biggest coffee producer where its market share is at around 12% of the world’s coffee and is known for its quality coffee beans. Medillin coffee which is named after the city where it is being marketed is known for its dense body and rich taste. Bogota coffee has less acidity but very delicious. Colombian coffee is light on the tongue but with full tastes. Coffees from Colombian remain to be the world’s favorite.

Ethiopia has been recorded to be the place where coffee was born and the coffee Arabica bean was first harvested. Coffee is part of the cultural and social tradition, served at any ceremony and celebrations. They believe that it signifies acceptance, friendship, and respect. Roasting takes time because the coffee beans are roasted gradually on a flat plan over a charcoal low fire, surfacing a rich and a scent that seems to blend with incense. After the roasting process is completed, indicated by blackened coffee beans, they are crashed manually by pestle combined with traditional pot, strained for many times until the thick and full body poured to cups.

Indonesia is the home of Kopi Luwak made from the wastes of Asian palm civet or luwak. This Kopi Luwak sells from $100 to $600 for each pound in Japan and US. You will find that it sells for about $50 per cup.

Gourmet Costa Rica coffee is known for its robust and rich coffee flavor. Its taste lingers in your taste buds. Surveys and Polls place the coffee from the Central American countries such as Panama, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and most especially Guatemala in the north.

Guatemalan coffee is unique because of its spicy and smoky flavor with a little acidity in it. The highest grade coffee beans are grown in the central highlands which are above 4500 feet. Their coffee produces moderate and distinct acidity.

Records reveal that the term coffee was started in Turkey which is adopted from the Arabic term for “wine of the bean”. Turkish and Arabic coffee are renowned for its full and creamy taste with hints of smoked chocolate.

Records claim that the top 10 coffee producers in the world are Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Guatemala, and Uganda. Statistics also show that coffee is served for over 500 billion cups annually. Records also show that it is in Finland where a person drinks an average of four cups every day.


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