Benefits of Investing in Palladium

Historically, gold and silver have been the iconic symbols of precious metals. But now, when investors talk about the new, emerging trends, platinum and palladium are being discussed more and more.

For years, gold and silver have been the leading forces in precious metal investing, but as world markets fluctuates and demand shifts, palladium, in particular, is muscling its way into the spotlight.

Uses of Palladium
One of the important things you want in a precious metal is versatility. Metals that have lots of different uses will maintain its value over time and remain fairly stable amidst the ups and downs of the market.

As a precious metal, palladium is one of the most adaptable metals on the market today. Its most common uses are for:

  • Catalysis (the process of increasing the speed of carbon-carbon bond forming reactions)
  • Electronics (from basic consumer products to complex military hardware)
  • Jewelry (alternative for making white gold)
  • Photography (developing fine-art black and white prints)
  • Hydrogen storage

This list will undoubtedly expand as the resourcefulness of palladium is applied to other industries.

Is Palladium the new Gold?
Over the last five years, the Euro and the American Dollar have wrestled with high levels of debt and inflation, causing the value of gold to soar. But as the U.S. economy gets back on its feet, and the value of the dollar stabilizes, investors are seeing the cost of gold rise and its value decrease.

Since the value of gold rises during economic recessions, and another recession is not predicted anytime in the near future, economists fear that a “gold bubble” is inevitable. Investors who keep spending higher prices to back their money with gold could be left stranded when the market plummets-much like the housing bubble that hit in late 2006.

In response, investors should consider palladium when broadening their portfolio. As a less expensive alternative to gold, palladium is not only valuable as a precious metal, but useful for the manufacturing catalytic converters in vehicles (a component in the engine that reduces carbon emissions), which means that as countries like China and India develop, there will be an growing demand for this useful metal in the future.

Buying Palladium
You can add palladium to your financial portfolio in the form of a.999 pure bar, or as one of two minted coins.

The Russian Palladium coin comes in 1 or ½ ounce options, which is the equivalent of 25 and 10 Russian rubles respectively. Both mints feature a dancing ballerina, representing Russia’s extraordinary history of ballet choreographies, dancers, and composers. Each mint year depicts a ballerina posing in a different way, with the symbol of the Soviet Union printed on the reverse side of the coin.

Investors who want to expand their portfolio with palladium may also order the Palladium Canadian Maple Leaf. Made of.999 pure palladium, the Maple Leaf displays the iconic image of Queen Elizabeth II on the front, and a striking maple leaf, Canada’s national symbol, on the back. These timeless coins sell out annually shortly after being released, so put in a request for them early to reserve one for your collection.

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