Beauty and Style of the Window Awning

Some of the nicest looking homes on the block are those with
awnings. While window awnings have been popular for a long
time, the rising cost of energy has made them even more popular.
Of course, in addition to helping reduce monthly energy bills,
the window awning also enhances the beauty and style of a home.
Simply choose a color, pattern, or style that complements the
home and you will be amazed at the transformation.

Typically, people first relate a window awning to a means of
beautifying a home but the functional aspect soon wins out.
During the hot summer, a window awning helps cut back heat and
glare. Then in the winter, a window awning can help block out
wind and cold. To give you an idea how beneficial an awning can
be, consider that during the hotter season, temperatures can be
reduced between eight and fifteen degrees, which is quite
substantial. If your window faces the south, solar heat can be
reduced by as much as 65% and up to 77% for westward facing

With so many people focusing on cost savings, you will find a
number of manufacturers that design awnings with a protective
acrylic coating. The result is even more protection from
outdoor elements. The window awning with this type of coating
provides years of enjoyment and benefit while not fading. The
colors stay bright and vibrant, sometimes more than fives years.

When looking at awnings, you will discover a number of design
options. For example, you could choose a retractable window
awning, freestanding, or stationary. In addition, awnings are
made to have open or closed sides, which is really a matter of
personal preference. When considering size, a good rule of
thumb is that the awning would be about 50% that of the actual
window. Therefore, if you had a window measuring 36 inches
wide, the window awning would measure approximately 18 inches.
If you have any concerns or questions, the awning manufacturer
should be able to assist.

With a window awning, the exterior wall or window frame is used
for mounting. This way, your awning will be level, sturdy, and
look perfect. Although you could spend good money on a window
awning, most are affordably priced, adding charm and elegance.
You can purchase an awning and have that company perform the
installation, or buy an awning on sale and hire someone to do
the work for you. On the other hand, if you are good at fixing
and working on things around the house, then you could do the
assembly and installation yourself.

A window awning can also save you money on existing treasures.
With the sun’s UV rays, things fade. Therefore, if your windows
are not protected, the sun could cause your wall paint, artwork,
carpeting, and even furniture to lose color. Just remember that
some awnings come with a full guarantee whiles others do not.
Although your awning might last for years, it would be worth the
investment to choose one with quality fabric, as well as