Backplates – Your Protection From Little Hands

Children – messy little things that they are – have a way of playing hard and dirtying hard. It’s amazing how much dirt they can manage to pick up and bring in the house after just a few minutes outside playing. Unfortunately, the bathroom sink is always a few doors away from the front door. That means dirty hands and dirt gets on all of them.

See if you recognize this scenario. The kids are outside playing during the summer. Lunchtime comes and they are called in. There is the pounding of little feet coming into the house, and heading to the bathroom to wash their hands. Everything seems OK until you start to look at the path they have taken. There is a trail of leaves, dirt and other debris that is falling off of their clothing as they walk. Then you look at the front door. If you were a crime scene investigator, you would have just hit pay dirt. There are completely clear fingerprints all over the door. Walk to the bathroom door and you will see the same thing again. While they may be washing their hands now, they were able to leave a lot of dirt behind before they made it to the sink. But this is just part one of the problem. No kid perfectly dries his hands, so now they’re coming out of the bathroom and leaving wet handprints, on top of those dirty ones from minutes before. Voila! You have instant muddy residue on all of your doors. You are used to scrubbing this off, but do you realize what that is doing to your door? Every time you have to scrub to get the grime off the door, you are also taking away part of the door’s finish and paint. Over time, you will see a permanent wear mark, where you have been removing those handprints. It’s at this time you will have wished you had backplates.

Backplates are an easy alternative to constantly cleaning around your dirty doorknobs. Backplates are pieces of metal that fit between the door knob and the wood of the door, right where those little hands go, that will add a layer of protection to your doors, preventing sticky, messy and dirty hands from discoloring your doors or ruining their finishes. This is particularly true for doors with natural wood finishes, stains or varnishes, that can stain as well as wear. Backplates can be their saving grace

The limit on the style of backplates you can use for your home will only be thwarted by your imagination of what kind of backplates you would like to use. Luckily, these pieces of hardware come in varieties that will suit almost any décor style, from simple metal strips, to beautiful and intricately cut or cast pieces of art. They are also pretty easy to install. Often it only takes a few screws, and then replacing the doorknob, to have backplates ready to go to work protecting your door from grubby hands.


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