Automated Fresh Milk Coffee Machines

Coffee culture continues to grow year on year and as such, top quality is highly sought after. Whilst the demand for freshly ground specialty coffees peaks, the requirement for high performance, user-friendly coffee machines also soars.

Coffee sales form a key part of profits for many a business type, many of which do not have the space for traditional espresso machines and their associated accessories, yet still require exceptional quality, barista style drinks. For these businesses, fully automatic fresh milk coffee machines are the perfect solution.

Specifically designed with professional catering establishments in mind, these fully automated machines are in essence, digital baristas. Performing all of the same processes a barista would use, these innovative pieces of equipment grind, does and tamp the coffee, extract the espresso and froth the milk consistent quality cappuccinos, caffe lattes and macchiatos. Technological advances has evolved these machines into intelligent pieces of kit that have the ability to gauge when an espresso is not correct and recalibrate the grinder and brewing times accordingly.

This type of machine is ideally suited to counter-service environments, the one-step touch button drink preparation process enables staff to attend to other tasks whilst drinks are prepared. A huge advantage of the equipment is consistency; coffees are always top quality, regardless of who is operating the machine. Automated machines are typically supplied with a connecting milk module from which the machine draws chilled milk, freshly for each drink. The simple user interface also makes this kit great for self-service applications, cafeterias, hotel breakfast rooms, airport lounges, waiting rooms, the list goes on.

The market is saturated with an overwhelming selection of fresh milk coffee machines. However, there are key elements to consider when selecting a new machine for your business. The integral grinder is the core part of the machine, it is used for every single drink therefore, ensure it is of the best possible quality, stainless steel grinders are the ideal, plastic grinders typically have a short life span and may result in heavy service costs and unnecessary downtime. Maintenance costs should also be charges should explored in detail, fresh milk machines usually require essential maintenance at six monthly intervals, this includes replacing key parts and is fundamental to ensuring the smooth operation and prolonged life of the equipment. These service charges however, vary drastically from supplier to supplier therefore it is worth taking the time to research potential coffee machine companies thoroughly.


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