Article Marketing Revolutionary Technique Versus Bum Marketing

Bum Marketing, as it was initiated by Travis Sago, is teaching you to find a product into an affiliate directory, to set up a landing page (optional), and to write articles promoting that product and driving visitors to your landing page or linking directly to the merchant’s sales page. The method is pretty efficient but article marketing offers you much more possibilities to succeed online.

The purpose of article marketing is not different from other marketing strategies. Website promotion is crucial for all websites, you need to gain organic search engine rankings to increase your website traffic. Submitting your website to web directories, proper search engine optimization, valuable backlinks are all factors that increase your website’s visibility online, but article marketing does this more efficient than any other method.

Free targeted traffic is the key to any successful online business, and article marketing is the best method you can use for that. Pay-per-click campaigns are indeed delivering faster-targeted traffic, but it’s not free and is very risky. The competition is too tight and if you are new in the game your chances are very reduced. As a beginner, Google limits you to several campaigns and keywords, while the old dogs have no limit for that. There are marketers which are using one million keywords for their campaigns and are spending ten thousand dollars daily. Feel free to compete with them.

Bum marketing brings you free targeted traffic, but it’s only an action for the moment. Using article marketing in the right way, promoting your own website and your own business, you gain authority, popularity, high page rank, and organic free targeted traffic.

When you build a website you are ranked for few keywords in the search engines. You can not stuff your website with keywords, otherwise, you are penalized by the search engines. Article marketing gives you limited keywords possibilities. You can write an article for each keyword you want to use to promote your business and this will never affect your website.

Backlinks are links pointing to your website from external sites. The direct linking Bum Marketing will create backlinks to the merchant’s website while you are struggling to write articles and to publish them. The correct used article marketing will help you to grow your own business, not others. If you publish your articles to ezine directories with high popularity you gain quality backlinks and the opportunity that your articles will be published and on other websites looking for quality content, which brings you more backlinks and more exposure.

The benefits of the article marketing used properly are limited. If you imagine that you can not use article marketing because you have not written skills, I suggest you reconsider that. A thousand miles journey begins with one step. Give it a try. Visit my site for more information.

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