Art Deco Makes a Comeback in Architectural Doors

Doors are becoming less of an afterthought in modern home design and more of a focal point. In fact, many homeowners today are choosing custom-designed architectural doors for their home’s exterior. Sometimes an entire home design is planned around a customized architectural door. Doors are being recognized as an important part of the aesthetic value of a home’s exterior. An artistically-designed and professionally-built exterior door can raise the value of a home while providing enormous curb-appeal.
One of the fastest-growing trends in architectural doors today is the art deco door. The art deco style of design first emerged in the early 1900’s. It was an international design phenomenon in the 1920’s and 1930’s. It was during this period of time that a number of famous landmark buildings were erected, the design of which has become a part of pop culture and history. Though many people can’t put a name to the style, they will instantly recognize buildings created during the art deco trend. One such example is the distinctive spire of New York City’s Chrysler building, built in the mid 1920’s. Other renowned examples include New York’s Empire State Building and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Like most trends, art deco faded from construction history for a time in favor of more modern, streamlined designs. But also like many trends, art deco has re-emerged throughout the last century in various manners. Today, this includes architectural doors.
Art deco designs are based on mathematical, geometric shapes. Chevrons, sweeping curves, sunburst motifs and multi-tiered steps are characteristic of art deco.   The Chrysler Building is a prime example of a curve and sunburst theme with steps that become smaller until they reach the spire at the top.

Architectural doors take the best of these geometrical designs and add modern twists, like sharp, uneven lines, mirrors and contemporary colors. The result is a door that is truly a work of art. These works of art become the focal point for the design of the new home. They often inspire other elements of the home, like windows, exterior colors, and even the shape of the roof. Like someone who purchases a loved work of art and then paints and designs the room it hangs in to match it, homeowners and builders start with a custom-designed architectural door and then look to it for inspiration for the entire exterior.


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