Are You Under Cctv Surveillance? Top 26 Signs to Let You Know If You Are

If you feel you are being tracked, whether at home, at school, at grocery stores, or at the mall, and are not completely sure about video surveillance signs, here are some clues that may tell you if the FBI is tracking you:

1) Do you ever see strangers standing around the entrances of establishments you visit regularly?

2) Do you suspect drivers are following you?

3) Do you see the same car models parking around you?

4) Do you notice customers around you in grocery stores not actually shopping?

5) Do you notice security guards watching you persistently?

6) Do you see far too many people passing you on sidewalks?

7) Do you see the same car models parking near or front of your home?

8) Have your online activities been strangely disrupted?

9) Does your family ask strange and inappropriate questions?

10) Does anyone in your family seem to be tracking you at home?

11) Do family members behave hostilely toward you without a genuine reason?

12) Do you hear sirens whenever you make negative comments during movies?

13) Does traffic suddenly increase around your home if you move freely from room to room?

14) Does your family insist on leaving the lights on at night needlessly?

15) Do neighbors sit in their parked cars gazing at you when you leave?

16) Do cashiers stare at you at most grocery stores you shop?

17) Do you feel uncomfortable at coffee shops and restaurants a though customers are keeping tabs on you?

18) Does your cellular phone or computer act up without a valid cause?

19) Do you receive massive phony collection letters and credit card notices?

20) Do you notice squad cars parking oddly in your neighborhood?

21) Do you notice fire trucks and ambulances pausing often along your driving routes?

22) Do you notice the prices of the food you buy regularly rising continuously?

23) Do perfect strangers accost you asking for donations everywhere you go?

24) Do drivers park near the entrance of all locations you visit?

25) Do you receive unprovoked honks from drivers and squad cars?

26) Do you see a strange vehicle that reminds you of a “fbi surveillance van” driving often in your street?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, there is a good chance the FBI or someone else is tracking you for one reason or another. You may have emailed someone a message, or you may have conducted a keyword search that red-flagged your computer. Also, if you are hearing sirens too frequently, your home may be bugged.

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