Are You Aware Of The 5 ‘Must Visit’ Places In Moscow?

Moscow has a number of reasons to leave you speechless. There would be many of you who have not visited this city before and wish to know about it. If your answer is YES, you must go ahead to check out the content mentioned below. There is no need to contemplate a lot that what to see and what not.

The Best 5 Places to Visit in Moscow-

Here, we are going to add the best 5 places to see in this beautiful place. If you have packed your bag and confused what to see in Moscow, you must go through the content mentioned below. It would be quite beneficial for you and will surely add a great spark to your journey.

1. Red Square- The name of this place is enough to make you think that it would be quite a great place. It is true, it is just marvelous. When it comes to what to see in Moscow, this place cannot be ignored at any rate. It associates to the glorious history of this city and that is why its value gets increase a bit more. Every year, it gets a number of footfalls.

2. Moscow Metro – The beauty of this metro cannot explore in just some words. You must come here to get amazed with its beauty. The architecture of the metro is all set to leave you speechless. Without seeing it, your journey would not consider complete. One who visits this metro come across many things through paintings, stained-glass windows, and mosaics.

3. Bolshoi Theatre – If you are a movie lover, then you must visit the most popular theater in Moscow called Bolshoi Theatre. Here, you will find 3-4 different operas. The great thing is that it somewhere very closest to the Russian culture. People who come here always love to visit it to get introduced the incredible culture of Russia.

4. Historical Museum – For the people having a true inclination toward knowing the history of this city, Historical Museum is something that must not ignore at any rate. This museum pampers your instincts introducing you to the vast collection unearthing every phase of the Russian history. It has various exhibitions and takes you to another world shrouded in the glorious history of 21’s century. If you are interested accumulating in-depth knowledge about Russian history, there is a big YES to head this museum.

5. GUM Department Store – It is a huge shopping center and a kind of paradise of the shopaholics. It is one of the largest shopping center situated in Europe. It is popular all around the world. Whether it is about various shops or architecture, both are just unique and great.

The above mentioned are the best places to see in Moscow. You must add them on your list if you are going to enjoy a holiday in Moscow with your friends, family or individually. It is a lovely city and you will fall in love with it within no time.


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