Are Instant Soups Good For You?

It seems like the growing trend in researching the nutritional value of most popular foods on the market is they all have adverse health effects on the human body. The key to any diet is eating a balanced diet by adding a piece of every food group to a meal. However, when speaking of instant soups, there are many adverse health effects they may cause the public to steer clear of consuming these foods.

People are often drawn to buying these soups because they are cheap in price and usually quick to make. However, when choosing to put this food in the human body or the bodies of our children, a person is inviting a variety of different health risks. Due to a key ingredient in all instant soups, serious conditions could develop overtime.

This key ingredient in these soups is called Mono Sodium Glutamate or more simply named, “MSG.”Prolonged exposure to MSG has been linked to causing different forms of cancer. MSG is also a key component in causing migraines and can be as addictive as nicotine to the body. Even Styrofoam cups that some soups are packaged in can cause Alzheimer’s disease.

There have been recent advances in the production of healthier instant soups to curb their growing bad reputations. Different varieties of organic soups which are instant are now on the market that does not have the harmful levels of MSG in them. By eliminating preservatives from the food, organic options are probably the safest of all instant soups.

For the most part, most types of instant soups should be steered clear of. This is especially hard for college students and single parents because they offer quick, cheap meals but will only hurt your wallet later on in life with expensive medical bills. Unless the soup is organic, it is probably in a person’s best interest to cut instant soups out of their diet completely.


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