Architectural Doors

The door is one of the most important elements of home design, whether viewed from inside or out. Finding a quality door can be difficult, but it’s an undertaking worth quite a bit of effort. The right door will provide design focus, beauty, and appropriate security to the home, but the wrong door can prove a nettlesome problem.

The first question is simply what function will the door serve? A door requires sturdy, long wearing construction and an appropriate aesthetic appeal, as doors are featured throughout any home. Good door materials include heavy wood, engineered wood, steel, glass, or fiberglass construction, and all will serve well for many years. To pick out the right look for your home consult a good architect, delve into architectural magazines, or get some books on art composition and design.

The next step, of course, is to find a good door design contractor to work with. Finding the right contractor is absolutely essential to any construction project, and getting the right one to work with can save you tons of trouble down the road. Once completed, you shouldn’t have to spend another thought on your construction until the next generation. Find a contracting company that listens to you, puts your needs as a priority, and that brags about their references, which of course they should be more than happy to provide.

If your home or business requires a soft, well lit touch, custom French doors may be the answer for you. Real French doors feature individual panes of glass set into a framing grid for the full length of the door, and are specially designed to let as much light in as possible. Options can include glass etching and beveling for all of the decorative accents you require. The misconception that French doors involve a complicated setup with two doors running on a top track has stopped many businesses from using these lovely doors. Of course you are free to take advantage of that design if it would fit in with your business and building, but, in reality, only the full door length framed glass panes are required to classify a door as a French door. Watch out for cheap French door lookalikes that create the illusion of a French door with one huge pane and an overlaid grid, that option will probably crack and shatter much more easily than a real French door, which should last for years with minimal maintenance.

Wood, and glass doors have been old standbys for centuries of architecture. Also coming in solid or hollow core options, wooden doors have been the benchmark and gold standard for beauty and aesthetic appeal in home design, while glass is most often used to increase visual impact and ambient light.

No matter what custom door you want, do be sure to partner with a firm that is familiar with the special requirements of architectural doors. Exterior doors are the guardians and faces of your business, and you want to be sure that the door you pick will last for years, do the job you need it too, and be relatively maintenance free. In addition, you don’t want to have to get a full education on how to make and install doors while you’re at it, you have better things to do, like run your business. A quality company is well worth the initial price, as the work that a mediocre or slipshod company provides will cause endless problems down the line.

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