Antique Door Knobs – Unique Antique Collections

There are people who collect all sorts of thing. From dolls to bottle caps, there is a collection for nearly every personality. Some people even get all worked up over the old knobs on doors, and have started collections out of antique door knobs. We’re not sure how this collection happened. Maybe is started when an old door was going to be thrown out and there was a nostalgic moment, and the knob was kept as a memory. Then that knob called out for more knobs, and a collecting frenzy was underway.

No matter the reason for them, antique door knob collections are very popular, and can be very expensive. Some antique door knob collectors are very serious about their trade. They know all there is to know about antique door knobs. If you think a door knob is a door knob, you’re dead wrong.

In the last century antique door knobs have gone through a number of personality and design changes.
Instead of just being something used to open and close a door, door knobs back then were just as much a part of the house as the rest of the décor, and were expected to make a statement. For a while the job was relegated mostly to glass artists who created beautiful bubble glass knobs, lead crystal cut into jewel-like shapes, as well as amazing pieces of brass that were carved into extremely ornate patterns.

As time went on, styles of knobs came and went, and it was only in more modern times that the door knobs we used seemed to become a bit more boring, and just looked at as things that are meant to open a door.

It’s possible the boring state of today’s door knobs is what caused many hardware manufacturers to go back in time and start lines of pieces that are reproductions of those fascinating antique door knobs. Those reproductions have become a major income for those companies as people continually look for new ways to dress up their home.

But the real money seems to be in the door knobs that were really from that time. Just as much as the other collectibles and antiques in old estates can get a pretty penny at auction, the antique door knobs in those homes are also commanding top dollar at estate sales and auctions.

Here’s a little interesting antique door knob history:
During World War II, many people pulled the brass doorknobs from their homes to help the government in their collections of brass to make war goods. Having one of these brass goodies today can fetch a pretty penny at an auction.

How much would you pay for antique door knobs? How about $8,300 for just one knob? That’s the price that the ‘Doggie knob’ fetched at an auction. The beautifully carved bronze knob with a pooch looking through the center was created in the late 1800s. There are believed to be only two of them in existence.


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