Amazing History of Coffee

Coffee is probably the most important thing in most countries after water. Especially in the developed world, Coffee is the driving force behind all the 9-5 crowd. Which means 99% of the world. So how did we come about discovering this wonderful bean?

Let’s jump in my time machine and go for a ride (I really wish I had a Dolorean from the Back to the Future movie).

They say we all come from the continent of Africa, well that is certainly true for Coffee Beans. Discovered in Africa by a farmer who noticed his goats were getting all energized in night when they ate from this mysterious plant.

He took the beans to his local church where they made a drink (World’s first Coffee). Soon the world spread throughout the Middle East and the popularity of coffee exploded from there.

Arab traders brought it to Europe where the Western world got a taste. Soon they would all be addicted to it (Like we are today). Although dubbed ‘Satan’s Beverage’ in the beginning (Medival Europe… Go figure), soon coffee houses all across Europe were popping up left and right (This is before Starbucks by the way). A lot of companies we know today were actually born during this time such as the infamous Lloyds of London.

So when the demand for coffee exploded, everybody wanted a piece of the pie. The Arabs were controlling the main cultivation so it was harder for the Europeans to get in. However, the Dutch broke through, stole some seedlings and started planting in other colonial territories such as South America, India and other places.

However, due to India’s unfriendly temperature, crops soon went dead but as luck would have it, Brazil (Most part of South America) turned out to be a complete haven for growing coffee beans. In fact, Brazillian or Cuban coffee is considered one of the best in the world.

Long story short, Coffee is a top commodity and has even fueled economies of some of the most powerful countries today. Since it’s discovery, coffee has been a strong part of the ‘human experience’ and will continue to do so. If aliens ever invade our planet and hopefully the come in peace, we will greet them with a nice cup of coffee. Or a mixture of coffee and alcohol like baileys perhaps. Regardless, be thankful that you are a human and that we’ve discovered coffee. As the saying goes, “Now I’ll drink to that!”.


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