Alternatives to YouTube: Another Online Videoplayer

There are many wonderful things about YouTube and the freedom that one can have in posting short videos (15 minutes or less) online to a blog for instance, very quickly for review by your audience of friends, family and acquaintances. Since this article is about finding an alternative to YouTube when trying to upload longer video clips than the 15 minute limit, let’s take a look at the use of longer videos and what possibilities there are for posting those videos using another currently available online video system. We will also look at a few (not all) of the purposes one could have for going over the fifteen minute limitation that YouTube sets at present for the free online posting community.

A recent project involving sharing memories of a wonderful event caused me to look into posting a short video clip online to a blog after having been away from the YouTube scene for possibly a year or more. While I was pleasantly surprised to find out how much smoother the interface with YouTube had become, I was dismayed to find that the time length for video clips had been shortened to fifteen minutes. Let’s go through the steps of posting a video online. First, one videotapes an event, speaker, scene, performance (non-copyrighted), work of some importance to the videographer (photo journalist, camera buff, etc.). Next, using either freeware, trial software or one’s own video editor, the video (film) is edited to generate a continuous “motion picture”. This editing process is where the length of the video clip is determined. It also during this time that the “story line” emerges with key cut outs for cutting and pasting scenes together. After the editing of the video, converting the movie into the appropriate format is done so that the new file can be uploaded to YouTube.

The conversion process to the format needed by YouTube is another reason for choosing a good video editor that creates the right type of output file for YouTube. Once the file is in the right format for uploading to online video, you just follow the directions and your video is now online. However, what if you just can’t get the video playing time under 15 minutes and keep the message intact? At this point the following online video playing options are available.

Flowplayer was my solution to using YouTube to post my special video. Flowplayer meant that I posted the video on my website and that viewers stayed on my site after the video playback was over. It also meant that I could make the video as long as I wish within the limitations of my hosting plan for my website. Finally, using Flowplayer meant that I learned some new things to include on my website that could add to the ability of my site to draw traffic if that was one of my goals. How does Flowplayer work? Well in my next article, we’ll take a look at configuring Flowplayer and setting it up on your website. Until then, you now know that you have an alternative to YouTube!


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