Advantages of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing has become really popular because recently there has been an exponential increase in the number of people using cell phones. It has been seen from recent studies that more than 2.4 billion people across the globe are receiving and sending text messages every day. This shows that there is a larger and diverse customer base in this field. Internet marketing companies have realized that the SMS market is the biggest one to tap and they can directly offer their products and services to various cell phone users instantly. There are two types of marketing through SMS namely, SMS white label and SMS private label.

In SMS marketing, companies send bulk SMS easily and quickly in order to promote or sell their product or services. However, in order to use this marketing tool, it is important to get and compile a list of potential customers whom you want to reach. Providers of bulk SMS services offer software programs, which are used to create a text message template. These programs have the ability to personalize the SMS message on the basis of the customers’ names. Bulk SMS is offered as SMS white label and SMS private label. White label is more commercial and is quite affordable; private label is useful for people who are looking to showcase their home-based business.

The response rate for SMS marketing has been found to be as high as 40%, which is quite a huge amount compared to other forms of marketing especially print marketing with a response rate of less than 3%. With SMS white label and SMS private label marketing solutions, now the promotional offers, coupons, discounts, new product launches, deals and other information that need to be passed on to the customers can be sent directly to the pockets of the customers.

SMS marketing is spam-free compared to emails. Moreover, SMS delivery is definitely more certain than email delivery because emails can end up in the junk mailbox. Another important feature of SMS is that the delivery is instant and no training is required for using it.


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