A Water Filter Drinking Countertop System Can Purifiy Your Kitchen and Bathroom’s Water Supply

Choosing a water filter drinking countertop system is a good option for those who want to ensure that the water they drink and cook with is as clean and pure as possible. Although a whole house filtration system is more thorough, a point of use filter can also remove additional sediment from pipes.

There are many types of systems to choose from on the market today. Many of these systems are designed to filter out minerals, chlorine, and fluoride. These systems range in price, and you will pay more for a higher performance system. However, you must take into consideration the price of your health as well.

Before looking at the types of water filter drinking countertop systems, you should look closely at the effects of tap water on the human body. Chlorine is an important factor in water health. This is because the chlorine will actually dissipate into the air through steam, creating chloroform gas. These gases are speculated to be one of the main causes of the increase in asthma patients.

Another consideration is minerals. Minerals are actually good for your body. They occur organically throughout nature. Minerals such as calcium strengthen the teeth and bones, and minerals such as zinc boost the immune system. Getting a countertop drinking filter that removes these healthful minerals is actually not in your best interests.

Finally, there are more harmful things in your tap water than chlorine and an overabundance of fluoride (which can damage teeth). There are many volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and trihalomethanes (THMs) in tap water that can affect your health. These chemicals can actually interact with medications rendering them useless or making you ill.

The less expensive counter top drinking filter will filter out minerals, chlorine, and fluoride, using reverse osmosis. These filters will run water through a membrane, or filter, at a high pressure. The end result is a lower pressure for your water faucet, and a loss of organic minerals such as calcium that are actually good for your body. Additionally, many of the harmful organic compounds and synthetic chemicals found in most tap water will remain.

Some of the less expensive water filter systems will use single carbon based filters. These filters will clean your tap water of chlorine, VOCs and THMs. However, the performance of these single filter systems is also questionable, as they tend to filter out less of the VOCs and THMs than multi-stage filtration systems.

The best counter top drinking filter that you can get for your family is a dual carbon based filter. After all, it only makes sense that water run through two filters will be cleaner than water run through one filter. These filters will get more of the VOCs and THMs out of your tap water. In fact, the average filter of this type removes up to ninety seven percent of these harmful chemicals.

When choosing a water filter drinking countertop system, it is also important to consider filter duration and cost. Most often, the less expensive systems will actually cost more in filters. This is due to the fact that the filters are not designed to last more than one month, and often cost as much or more than the system itself.



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