A Review of Popular Coffee Makers

Coffee has become synonymous with waking up in the morning. Television shows and movies portray characters guzzling the brew to stay awake, coffee shops are as packed as the roads during the morning rush hours, and many caffeine-addicted consumers stumble out of bed only because of that first steaming cup. A home is not considered complete until an automatic coffee maker has been plugged in on the counter. These coffee machines have gotten even smarter as time has passed, adding on impressive features such as the delay brew, allowing caffeine-addicts to add the beans and water to the appropriate compartments the night before and set a specific time for the machine to turn on. The coffee will begin to brew the next morning, serving as a soothing alarm and luring most sleepyheads out of bed. We are truly a coffee-obsessed nation.

As our brewing routines have been made simpler, consumers have been made free to focus on the quality of our products. Multitudes of flavors, qualities, and roasts of coffee beans are available for at-home brewing, and each person has his or her own personal preference on strength and taste. However, the highest quality bean can be ruined if brewed through an inferior coffee maker. A quality machine can bring out the best in a bean, and make the morning an easier experience for everyone. Below is a brief list of the most recent models that topped the charts in terms of their ability to brew a good pot of coffee for an entire home to enjoy.

The Top Coffee Makers

  • Cuisinart Automatic Brew and Serve – This appliance is the top on the list for the best coffee makers of 2013 for many reasons. Featuring an insulated carafe to help keep brews warm for longer periods of time, a programmable clock for scheduling your brewing time, an automatic shut off, and the capacity to hold 12 cups, Cuisinart’s latest model is an excellent asset in the kitchen.
  • KRUPS Programmable Coffee Maker – Coming in at a very close second, this model has a multitude of exciting features. The water filter, brew strength setting, and hot plate are notable, and worthy of attention.
  • Mr. Coffee 12-cup Programmable – Though the design is simple, this coffee maker is a solid investment for any avid drinker. As the name says, this maker can brew up to 12 cups, but offers the ability to pause the brew mid-stream, making a pot stretch over the entire morning with each cup fresh as the first.

Clearly, not all coffee makers are made the same. If the high-tech features of these top models aren’t convincing enough, the taste difference of a quality machine combined with a stellar bean will!



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